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FKchburg Public Library 
810 Main 9tr#«t 

Fitchburq. MA 01420 

Dear Class of 20 12 

I feel fortunate to be associated with this class of individuals as my first graduating cohort as the Principal at 
Fitchburg High School. Without having had the opportunity to see you all grow from your first days as 
bewildered freshmen to your final days as confident, accomplished graduating seniors, I have been so 
impressed with this group of people over the course of this school year. As a class, you have welcomed me with 
open arms from the first day of school to the senior reception to the faculty to the Pep Rallies in the fall and 
winter. As a group, you truly embody the full meaning of the word class. Whether on the playing fields, on 
the stage, in the classroom, or out in the community, collectively you have demonstrated class in all that you 
have done and do. As an example, when the canned foods drive was announced I remember speaking to the 
seniors first to discuss the plan to compete with Leominster. I remember showing a chart that showed how 
Leominster had 800 more students than us at Fitchburg High. I also remember seeing the looks of 
determination and pride when we laid out the challenge. Three weeks later we had collected more than three 
thousand food items for the community. This was an amazing result that ultimately showed that Red Raider 
Pride is alive and well at Fitchburg High School. 

There have been so many fine accomplishments by the members of this class that it would be impossible to list 
them all. To the faculty and staff of Fitchburg High School, each member of this class is a success story that is 
only now beginning to be told. Each member of this class has contributed something lasting to the overall 
experience that has been shared here at Fitchburg High School. Each member of this class has demonstrated 
what class can really mean. 

I can remember during my own graduation sitting in a gymnasium chair in Fitchburg myself and wondering, 
"What am I going to do tomorrow?" The fact that I now have the good fortune to represent all of you is an 
indication of the power of "tomorrow." Simply put, graduation is a milestone and a celebration of all that you 
have accomplished, but it is also the beginning of many "tomorrows." Life is challenging and at times difficult. 
That being said, success and the pursuit of happiness are possible for anyone who wishes to engage in the 
chase. There are more than 220 individual "tomorrows" in the FHS class of 2012. As a school and 
community, we are proud of your accomplishments and we implore you to follow your own path and make 
your "tomorrows" all that you hope they will be. Congratulations class of 2012 and take pride in the fact that 
you join 148 FHS graduating classes before you who are now Red Raiders for life. Best wishes for the future. 




Assistant Superintendent Paula Giaquinto, 
Superintendent Andre Ravenelle 

Vice Principal Mark Pierce, Principal Jeremy Roche, 
Athletic Director Ray Cosenza, Vice Principal Tom 


Diane Thomas, Bonnie Guertin 
Not Pictured: Jared Smith 

Sally Nix, Julie Membrino, Judy Normandin, 
Colleen McGuirl, Nancy Orsini 

Jerry Kimber, Seema Williams, Nick McNamara, 
Maria Mendez 


Back Row: Brian Green, Joe Manzello 
Front Row: Ginni Nelson, Steve McClusky, 
Jeff Goss 
Not pictured: Luis Nano 

Omar De Los Santos, Kate Fillion, Victor Rojas 


Steve Lowney, Josie Gullifa, Susan Leahy, Susan 
Doyle, Maria Ulloa-Hancock, Chris Woods 


Alan Twomley, Officer Leroy Jackson, 
Tom Hughes 

Back Row: Cindy Hachey, Ellen Mahon, Eileen Bourgault, 
Evelyn Rivera 

Third Row: Patricia Leary, Janice Tata, Gerr Pahl-Solan 
Second Row: Doris Mazzaferra, Pam Pawson, Evelyn Guzman, 
Linda Hill, Barbara Joyce 
Front Row: Gail Dextraze, Linda Binnall, Patrick Meyers 

Donna Bonora, Joanne Morse 
Not pictured: Sandra Goodchild, Maria 
LeBlanc, Patricia Lenihan, Luz Rios, Eric 

Sue Flynn 

Back Row: Edith Skelly, Milinda Sanchez 
Front Row: Julie Thibodeau, Pam Rivers, 
Donna Sicard 

Robbin Dateo 



Back Row:Nancy Crowley, Pat Jones, Soila Pitre, Irene 
McCarthy, Janice Biglow, Eileen Mason, Renee Howe 
Front Row: Debbie Geary, Janice McGrath, Jill Mahone, Donna 
Scesney, Carol Pacetti 

Back Row: Deb Roberts, James Malatos, Sue Cormier, Richard 

Caisse, Heather Root 
Front Row: Tamara Thomas, Keri MacKinnon, Mark Minnucci, 

Jeanne Scaffardi 
Not pictured: Thomas Ferrazzano, Dean Fuller, Kathryn Gullatt, 
Jennifer Storm 

Deborah Michaud 


Paul DiGeronimo, Steve Carroll, Linnette Sauri, Rich 
Vacarelo, Doug Romano 

Paul Parillo, Jinne Strus, Kate Watkevich, 
Mark Kuhlwein 

Barbara Grillo, Bruno Rodriguez, Ellen Welsh, Todd Shattuck, 
Dawn Marshall, Joan Cayer 


Erin Feeney, Tabitha Greenlees, Sarah Lamey, Adam Cordio 


Maria Flores, Laura Howard, Jessica Haroutunian, 

Graciela Costa, Brian Tandy 
Not pictured: Fred Hamilton, Coraly Rivera-Luciano 

Back Row: Steve Dauphinais, Megan Normandin, 

Garret Zecker 
Middle Row: Linda Mason, Patti Kelly, Colleen 

Front Row: Kathy Hytinen, Jen Scott, Ellen 
Gammel, Sue Rampello-Smith 
Not Pictured: Deb Morand 

Aracelis Abreu, Carlos Garcia, 
Viviana Martinez 

I Hi nWii 


Back Row: Kim O'Neill, Barry Walker, Dan Walker, Paul 
DelleChiaie, Mary Schmitt, 
Front Row: Kate Maki, Veronica Kell, Dale Reczek, 
Jennifer Slade, Peter Perry, Keith Thibodeau 


Back Row: Deb Sherblom, John O'Niell, Sam 

Collins, Ron Williams 
Front Row: Dave Kelly, Loretta Kline, Jane 
Ferrazza, Bryan Baxter, Christina Manto 

"Teachers who inspire realize there will always be rocks in 
the road ahead of us. They will be stumbling blocks or 
stepping stones; it all depends on how we use them." 


Hector Manuel Acosta Ortiz 

Nicole Alexandra Adler 

"Don't worry, be 

I can't believe senior year is here already. I 
want to thank my mom and dad for helping 
me. Also, thank you to my teachers and friends. 

"I may not have gone 
where I intended to go, 
but I think I have ended 
up where I need to 

be."~ Douglas Adams 

Being here at FHS for these past four years has 
been unforgettable. Not only have I learned 
who I am, but who I want to be in the future. 
Thank you to all my friends for the amazing 
memories and good times. And a shout out to 
7-8-9! You girls are awesome! Activities: 
Tennis 1,2,3,4; Volleyball 2,3,4; Class Officer 
2,3,4; NHS 3,4 


Samantha Carey Alan sky 

Abi, Abe 

"I cheated on my fears, 

broke up with my 
doubts, got engaged to 
my faith, and now I'm 
marrying my dreams." 

I want to give thanks to all who have helped 
me throughout the years and to my friends as 
well! It's been a great time. Also thanks to my 
mother, and brother Hamed, for inspiring me 
to do great things. Activities: Track 1; 
Basketball 1,2,3,4; Football 1,3 

"Work like you don't 
need the money, love 
like your heart has 
never been broken, and 
dance like no one is 
watching." -Aurora 

These past four years have been a blast and 
have definitely gone by too fast. I have made 
so many memories that I will never forget 
thanks to my best friends, CM, HC and SA: LOVE 
YOU GUYS! And of course thanks to my parents, 
teachers, and coaches as well. I wish everyone 
the best of luck in whatever they may be 
doing! Activities: Soccer 1,2,3,4; Basketball 

Savannah Danielle Alan sky 

Nina Marie Alley 


"Don't cry because it's 
over, smile because it 

Wow, I can't believe we're already seniors. 
These years flew by and I loved every single 
one of them. I'm going to miss these years so 
much! Thanks to all my teachers and coaches 
for supporting me and a special thanks to my 
parents and best friends, CM, HC and SA. 
Activities: Soccer 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; 
Track 1 



"I am made of hard rock 
and blue skies and I will 
stay this way forever." 

During my trip through high school, I have made 
memories that will last a lifetime: Bus trips filled 
with off key renditions of how to drive a stage, 
or better how to turn it around, tie dying 
cupcakes with German Canadian Swiss girls, and 
others that leave me looking fondly over my 
years. Looking back I can say that at times it was 
hard, but it was worth it. Forever a Raider, 
forever Class of 201 2! Activities: Theater 1,2,3,4 


Daruenie Taylor Andujar 



"The hardest part of 
moving forward is not 
looking back." 

My friends were awesome and supportive 
during these past four years. - 1 love Correy! 

Timothy Charles Arno 

"Envy is ignorance, 
imitation is suicide." 
-Henry David Thoreau 

What an amazing 
experience I've had at 
FHS. I'm proud to say 
I'm leaving with so much more than I entered. I 
just hope the world is ready for me. I owe so 
much to my mom and dad for constantly 
pushing me, also my brothers, Luke and JT, and 
the whole 'Goon Squad' who have been 
through thick and thin with me. Let's show 
who's boss every day until the world ends, 
2012 BURNUR! Activities: Soccer 1,2,3,4; Pillow 
Polo 1,2,3,4; Staying Fresh 1,2,3,4 



"I reject your reality 

and substitute my 
Day one of high school: 
"I can't believe we are 
freshmen." Last day of 
high school: "I am so 
glad we are finally getting out of here!" The 
last four years have been filled with crazy 
adventures and 'fantabulous' friends. I wish I 
had more space to write about how much you 
all mean to me so I will say I love you all and 
wish you luck as you go out into the 
unsuspecting world. Activities: Class Officer 
1,2,3; NHS 3,4; Step up to Excellence 2,3,4; 
Debate Club 2,3; Student Council 1,2,3 


"When one door of 
happiness closes, 
another opens; but 
often we look so long 
at the closed door that 
we do not see the one 
which has opened for 

There are not enough thank yous and 
expressions of appreciation I can offer to the 
Fanelli family. Without them I would have 
never finished my senior year. <3 Jeffery 
Fanelli <3 

Shanice Verse Baldwin 

Nay, Nini 

"Fight for what you 
love, never give up!" 

I would not have made it without my mom and 
dad. Thank you guys for everything! To the 
loved ones I have lost along the way, in my 
heart is where you will always stay. R.I.P. BBT, 
SP, and my loving grandpa. I also want to 
thank the people who helped me out my last 
year of high school, AG, PR, BB, and JMR. Class 
of 2012, we finally made it! Activities: Step 1; 
Cheering 3 


Special K 

"The best of us can find 
happiness in misery." 

The past four years have gone by so fast! I can't 
believe how many things changed in a few 
years. FHS has been a great experience. I've 
made a lot of friends whom I'll never forget 
and done a lot of things that I will always 
remember. Despite our losing season, soccer 
has always been a great time throughout high 
school. Activities: Basketball 1, Soccer 1,2,3,4 
Pillow Polo 2,3,4 


Justin Robert Belli 

Erik John Bennett 

Kay LA GABRIELLA Berhouet 

"Do not follow where 
the path may lead, go 
instead where there is 
no path and leave a 
trail." -Ralph Waldo 


In my four years at FHS I've made my share of 
enemies but I've made more friends. The 
enemies will fade away but my friends will be 
with me forever no matter the distance 
between us. I don't talk much, but when do, I 
like to be heard. For those people who hear 
me, my friends, I will miss you. Activities: 
Soccer 1,2,3,4; Indoor Track 1,2,3,4; Outdoor 
Track 2,4; Inter-Class Plays 3 

High School has been fun, but I'm definite!; 
ready to grow up and experience life on my 
own. I want to thank my family, Mrs. Strus, ant 
everyone else I love. I wouldn't be where I arr 
now without you guys. I've learned so mud 
during these past few years. There are so man; 
memories from FHS that I will never forget. 
Activities: Field Hockey 1,2,3,4 

KAYLEE Anne Blackston 

Nathaniel Carlos boddie 

"The future belongs to 
those who believe in 
the beauty of their 
dreams." ~ F.D.R. 

Thank you FHS for making these past four years 
so wonderful. Thanks to all the teachers and 
coaches who have helped me along the way. I 
will miss my class and all my friends. I wish the 
best for everyone. Keep that Red Raider Pride 
wherever you go! Activities: Field Hockey 
1,2,3,4; Tennis 1,2,3,4; Class Treasurer 1,2,3; 
Student Council 4 

"Live life as if you'll die 

I would like to thank my family, friends, and all 
the teachers I had throughout high school. I 
want to give a shout out to all my boys and my 

Samantha Maria Bonanno 

Courtney Kay la Bouchard 

"The funniest thing 
happened! " 

I'll never forget the 
memories I made at 
FHS. I've experienced 
good and bad, and now 
I'm excited to move 
on to the next chapter. Thanks mom and dad 
for always being there! Joey, thanks for always 
having my back. Olivia, can't imagine FHS 
without you! To all my girls: You'll always be in 
my heart; wouldn't be who I am today without 
you guys! I would like to thank TDC. I'm going 
to miss all the friends/family I have there. Good 
luck Class of 2012! Activities: Yearbook 4; Art 
Club 3,4; Dance 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; Interact 3,4 


"The people, who are 
crazy enough to think 
they can change the 
world are the ones who 

I'm kind of a big deal, but I wouldn't be 
anywhere without my friends and family. I love 
you Kevin and Mike. Activities: Choir 1,2; 
Winter and Fall Concerts 1,2; Art Club 3,4 


Llanna Michelle boulay 

"Ifs early and bright 
out. The sun swallowed 

me. I'm glad that 
you're here with me, 
this is where I want to 


I've definitely had my ups and downs at this 
school but, I can't imagine myself at any other 
school. I wouldn't be anywhere without my 
friends, MB, VS, CG, NS, CL, HG, TL, DM, AL, TA, 
and MN. Sorry if I forgot anyone. Love you all. 


"There's always a small 
light that never goes 

I wouldn't be where I 
am today without the 
ones I love. CB, you've 
been with me through 
everything, and I'll always be here for you. You 
mean the world to me. Best friends since 
elementary; I love you! JB, I'm so thankful to 
call you my sister. I love you always. Mom and 
Dad, thanks for being fantastic parents. JB, EB, 
and JC, you three are the best; thanks for 
always being there and keeping me sane. <3 
2012, we did it! Activities: Cheering 2; Dance 2, 

Arlanne Sara Bourgault 


"The greatest pleasure 

in life is doing the 
things people say we 

cannot." -Walter 
I never expected high 
school to be this way. 
I never expected to be 
a runner, lifeguard, and dancer. If these four 
years were any different I wouldn't be where I 
am today. I wouldn't want to run marathons 
with KH or manage my own business! Thanks 
to all my friends, especially RR, coaches, 
teachers, and most importantly my family for 
encouraging me to never settle for less. 
Activities: Student Council 1,2,3,4; Indoor 
Outdoor Track 1 ,2,3,4; X Country 2,3,4; NHS 3,4 

BarbarA'Nichole Bourne 

"You never know what 
you have until it's 

Shout out to my mom; even though you are 
not here physically I know you are here 
mentally, spiritually and in my heart. I wish 
you could be here to celebrate my final year of 
high school (SENIOR YEAR), the year you 
couldn't wait to see. No matter what I do I will 
make you proud. Forever in my heart, I love 
you Momma. Rest peacefully pretty woman. 

Michael Paul Bragg 

Casandra Louise Brisson 

Bragg, Swag 

"Everything has beauty, 
but not everyone can 
see it." 

I want to say thank you 
to everyone for every- 
thing. Thank you to my friends, family, peers, 
and teachers for helping me through these 
years of high school. I couldn't have asked for 
anything more than that. I want to shout out 
to the "GOON SQUAD" and the entire Class of 
2012. We've been doing big things since year 
one and I wish the best for every single one of 
you. Class of 2012 . . . BURR! Activities: 
Volleyball 2,3; Soccer 4 

"Don't gain the world 
and lose your soul; 
wisdom is better than 

silver or gold." 
First off, I would like to 
thank LB, RM, and AD 
for always being there 
forme. Lianna and I 
have been through so much together and I 
know that no matter where life takes us, we 
will always have each other. I would also like to 
say thank you to my mother for being my rock. 
She taught me how to be independent, 
selfless, and determined and I love her with all 
my heart. Lastly, I would like to give thanks to 
Mia for being my motivation in life. 
Congratulations Class of 2012! 




"The greatest dream is 
to redeem." 


To any teachers or fellow classmates who 
helped me, I would like to say thanks. 
Activities: Volleyball 4 

"Live your life one day 
at a time, because 
you'll never know 

when it will be your 

For everyone who doubted me I kept my h 
up and made it to the end. I want to thank 
Vaughn Lloyd for believing in me and help 
me get through my doubts. Also, Mrs. Le 
and Mr. Rojas, I don't think I would've mad : 
this far without you guys. R.I.P. Mr. Lloyd; 
will forever be in my heart. 6/4/1 1 <3 

Timothy William Burke 


"If you have built 
castles in the air, your 
work need not be lost; 
that is where they 
should be. Now put 
foundation under 
them." ~ Henry David 

I would like to thank my family for all the help 
they have given me throughout my school life. 
Without them I know I wouldn't be where I am 
today. I would also like to thank my friends for 
all the times we've had. AD, AD, DD, AC: you 
guys are the best! Activities: Soccer 1; 
Basketball!; Baseball 1,2,3,4 

Burke, Burkie 



"Don't ruin what you 
could be before you 
know what you'll 

I want to thank my 
mother for all her 
support throughout 
high school. Secondly, I want to thank GEARUP 
for all their helpful information for college. 
High school has gradually changed me for the 
better, giving me a reason to pursue structure 
and happiness in my life. Yay! I have finally 
made it, ready to begin my life and take 
nothing for granted. Shout outs to AK, YR, Ms. 
Manto and Mrs. Leahy. Activities: Step Team 


Jose Luis Cabrera 

Sara Christine Campbell 

"I can accept failure; 

everyone fails at 
something. But I can't 
accept not trying." 

~ Anonymous 
These four years 
couldn't take any long- 
er but I'm glad they 
they went the way they did. I wouldn't change 
anything. My friends and I made it a great time 
and made everything we did fun. Hope you 
guys do whatever you please. We will always 
be brothers. I was also blessed with a gorgeous 
girlfriend and without her I wouldn't be who I 
am. KTM <3, QP, TO, ST, RM, EM, TT, TR, AP, 
KP, JJ, and more. Activities: Football 1,2,3,4; 
Basketball!; Track 2,3 


"Trip over love, you can 
get back up. Fall in 
love, you fall forever." 


This year went by so fast! Though I've been 
through so much during these high school 
years, they were definitely the best. I would 
like to thank all my close friends who gave me 
memories to share. I love you all! Ha-ha, 
freshman year. EC, BJ, TD, NW: ILY F&A. 2012 
all day! Activities: Tennis 3,4; Chorus 2,3 


Olivia Rose Carbone 

"I can do all things 
through Christ who 
strengthens me." ~ 
Philippians 4:1 3 He 
died for you why not 
J0k live for him? 

JffL 1 car|,t believe it's 
over! How fast it has all 
)ne by. I'm going to miss high school a ton 
Jt I can't wait to see what's ahead. Thanks so 
uch Mom, Dad, Emily, and Matt for 
'erything. I love you guys! And my sisters, SA, 
rt, and SA: I couldn't have done it without 
iu. No matter where we go in life we will 
ways be there for each other; love you so 
uch! Activities: Soccer 1,2,3,4; Basketball 
2,3,4; Track 1,2; Softball 3,4; NHS 3,4 


"When you get to the 
end of your rope, tie a 
knot and hang on." 

High school has been the best roller coaster of 
my life even at the lowest points. I love my 
best friend, Samantha Bonanno, always and 
the memories I've had with her. I'll miss all my 
friends: CT, AD, RM, HV, HG, and KM. Activies: 
NHS 3,4; Interact Club 3,4; Dance 1,2,3,4 


Joshua David Champagne 

"If you don't give one 
hundred percent, all 
you can expect is fifty 

These last four years have been great, let's 
remember them the way Singer did. . . Nicole, 
remember the stick and Elizabeth, remember 
the massive pancakes! We've worked hard; it's 
time to celebrate! Activities: YMCA Swim Team 
1,2,3,4; Tennis 1,2,3,4; National Honor Society 

"Be sincere; be brief; be 
seated." ~ FDR 

Never forget your 
friends. Although I may never admit it, I truly 
enjoyed high school. The people who have 
influenced me throughout my high school 
career are the people I will never truly be able 
to thank. Never forget where you came from, 
for it will never forget you. 'Twomz' you rock! 
Activities: Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Concert Band 
1,2,3,4; Jazz Band 1,2; Interact 3,4; Vice 
President 3,4; T.V. Studio 1,2,3,4 

Jenny Sulalai Chanthachack 

Jonathan Davani Cintron 

"Each day is a new 
canvas to paint upon. 
Make sure your picture 

is full of life and 
happiness, and at the 
end ofthedayyou 
don't look at it and 
wish you had painted 
something different." 
FHS has been difficult and I would have failed 
had I not had the support of my teachers who 
put a little time aside to listen to my issues and 
encourage me in my life. Thank you Mr. Moore 
for all your support and for keeping me on task. 
Thanks to my dad, step mom, family, and 
friends for all the guidance that I very much 
appreciate. Activities: Helping Hands 3 


Shout out to Mario, Pedro Ortego, Danny 
Torres, Hector Sedeno, Ron Guy, Derik Torres, El 
Nanda, Jesus, and Angel. Gonna' miss you 



TC, Clapper 

"Finally after four years 
and becoming a senior, 
I have stopped 
I cannot believe senior 
year came so fast. I 
want to thank my 
parents for pushing me 
to come to school. If they didn't, I wouldn't be 
where I am today. Thanks to Mr. Caisse and 
Mrs. Mahon for helping me get this far. They 
are really good teachers. I met new friends too; 
one of them is Aiya. We met this year and now 
are really close friends. The Success Center has 
helped me out. I'm glad I made it and am 
excited to walk across the stage. Activities: 
Tennis 3 

"What good is being 
the one if you're the 
only one that knows 

I want to thank my mother, broth 
(Demetrius), R.I.P. Nana, Margari 
Michaelides, and all my friends! They kept rr 
striving to be the best in school. Thank you a 
Also Nakeeya Codrington is the best sister 
the world! Keep this Codrington legacy strong 



To the mother of my son, I love you and thank 
you for giving birth to our beautiful son. To my 
Sebastian 'bro's', you guys have made high 
school fun for me. To my family, for the support 
they have given me. Thank you, I love all of 
you! Activities: Football 1,2,3,4 


"All the effort in the 
world won't matter if 
you're not inspired." 
-Chuck Palahniuk 

I don't have many to thank, but I owe the 
world to the people I do. Mrs Strus, I wouldn't 
have made it through high school without you. 
KB & KS; you never left my side. EML, you 
taught me a lot; I love you. "To all of my 
friends, where do I start, I know I'd be dead 
without you in my heart." Activities: Team 
Strus 1,2,3,4 

Zachary Michael Crooks Stroker 

(anessa Celeste Crowley 


"As the smoke clears, the future nears stuck 
in the headlights, deers. Hope the best for my 
boys, friends, and peers. Be persistent and 
intent, we haven't scratched the surface-no 
one's worthless. Time is money and waits for 
no body. You have to make it- nothing's yours 
unless you take it." Friends, family, and Gully! 
You all mean a lot to me! Activities: Football 
1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3; Step-Up 2,3,4; NHS 3,4 


"The right path may not 
always be the easy path, 
but it is still the only path 
to take." -Michael Gills 


These four years have 
had their ups and 
downs, more like a rol- 
lercoaster than a few bumps along the way. 
Family and friends supporting me is why I'm 
where I am today. I've learned so many things 
from them, most importantly not to dwell on 
the past. You only have one life. Make the best 
of what you're given. Activities: NHS 3,4; 
Homecoming Queen 3; Field Hockey 2,3,4; 
Helping Hands 3; Track 1,2,3,4; Student Council 
2,3,4; Prom 3,4; Interact 3,4 

Joel Santiago Cruz 

Congratulations Class of 201 2! 

Congratulations Class of 2012! 

Tassia Cynthia Cucchiara 

Seagulls, Casha 

"My tongue's the only 
muscle in my body that 
works harder than my 

>j Thanks to those of you who lasted. You made 
the four years worth it! 

Sebastian Dalmaud Belmonte 

"If you learn to use a 
perfect afternoon in a 
perfectly useless 
manner, you'll 
understand the 
meaning of life." 

These past four years have been beyond 
unforgettable. I wouldn't trade any of the good 
times with my boys for anything in this world, 
(you know who you are). I want to thank my 
parents for all their support; Love you guys. 
Best of luck to everyone and I wish you all the 
best. 2012! Activities: Football 1,2,3,4; Indoor 
Track 1,2,3,4; Volleyball 1,2,3,4; GTL 1,2,3,4 



"Never say never!" 

I never thought that I would get this far. I want 
to thank my teachers who helped me a lot. I'm 
so glad that I made it. I'm going to miss all the 
teachers who believed in me. 

Shannon Jean DeHart 

Embrace your struggle." 

I want to thank my momma for believing in 
me! I'm very thankful to be blessed with such 
an amazing mother. I love her so much. I'm 
looking forward to leave June 5, 2012 for the 



"Do what you can, with 
what you have, where 
you are." -Theodore 

A lot has changed since 
freshman year, the 
people, the classes, and the drama. But those 
who matter haven't! Rachael Ann Marrella, you 
have been and will always be my 'bffaeae'! I 
have no idea where I'd be without my family 
and my girls: SB, 0C, HV, KM, HG <3. Thank 
you for keeping me sane! Gym class heroes; the 
UO's; grilled cheese for life! Activities: Cheering 
1,2,3,4; Softball 1,2,3,4; Class Secretary 1,2,3,4; 
Student Council 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4 

Troy Sherlin Davis 

"I'll be up up and away, 
up up and away, cuzin 
the end they'll judge 

me anyways. So 
whatever." ~ Kid Cudi 

"Heaven's not a place that you go when you 
die, it's that moment in life when you actually 
feel alive. So live for the moment." I want to 
thank all my amazing friends who I've been 
lucky enough to share this experience with: SC, 
MN, JR, and more! Schmitt, Strus! Activities: 
Team Strus 3,4 

Anibal Junior Dejesus Gonzalez 

I want to give thanks to my parents for alv | 
pushing me to do my best. They knew I cm 
do it, and I'm glad to say that I succeeded, j 


3.1 A 

"Do not follow where 
the path may lead. Go 
instead where there is 
no path and leave a 
trail." -Ralph Waldo 

These past four years went by so quickly, but 
I'll never forget the people who helped me get 
here. My family and friends were always there 
for me and I will forever be grateful. Going off 
to college next year is huge, but I will always 
remember the Class of 2012. Activities: 
Football 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1; Indoor Track 2; 
Student Council 2,3,4; NHS 3,4 

Luis Manuel Delos Santos 

Emmanuella Demosthenes 

"Live life to your 
standards not society's; 
hustle hard and please 

Wow! How these four 
years have passed. I'm 
finally here. I made it; 
a SENIOR at last. For my last year of high school 
I wish my dad and grandma were here to see 
me overcome it. I can't say it was the easiest 
journey, but I'm closing a chapter of my life to 
open a new one, and I'm proud of myself. I 
would like to thank my family and friends, my 
twin sister, BM she made my years fun, and as 
well as my 'HYPE CREW: LF, KP, KS, ADS AK. 
Activities: Outdoor Track 4; Student Gov't 4 

"I myself am made 
entirely of flaws, 
stitched together with 
good intentions." 

Congrats. Class of 2012, we did it! Activities: 
Tennis 2,3,4; Theatre 2,3,4; Student Council 



"Love the life you live; 
Live the life you love." 

yould like to thank my family for helping me, 
d for all the support they have given me 
ring these four years. I would especially like 
'thank my mom who has taken care of me 
1/ whole life. Activities: Volleyball 1,2,3; 
boor Track 4; Baseball 4 

This is my last year; I've been in this school 
since my sophomore year. I was bad, but I 
made it with the help from Mrs. Roberts, Mr. 
Taylor, Mr. Malatos, Mrs. Maunch, Mrs. Morse, 
Mr. Minnucci, and Mr. Fuller. I wouldn't have 
made it to my last year if it weren't for them. 
Thank you to them and my new best friend, 
Tanya, and my other new friends too. :D 


Dylan James DiGeronimo 

"Love each other or 


I've learned a lot during the years I've been at 
Fitchburg High School. I appreciate all the help 
I received during this time. I'll miss all the 
teachers I had and all my friends. Activities: 
Singing with Tribe 3,4; Peer Leadership 2,3,4 



"What lies behind us 
and what lies before us 

are small matters 
compared to what lies 
within us." -Ralph 
Waldo Emerson 

These past four years have gone by so fast. I 
have learned so much at this school and I will 
never forget where I came from. Mom, Dad, 
and Drew I could have never done it without 
you. Thank you to all my teachers and friends 
for making my time at FHS great. Activities: 
Football 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Indoor Track 
1 ; National Honor Society 3,4 

Angelina Elizabeth DiReda 

Jesse Dobbelsteijn 

A magnitude of thanks 
goes out to all the 
students and teachers 
who made my time at 
FHS special and memorable. I couldn't have 
had a better experience and will miss you all 
tremendously. I will never forget that physics is 
my B.F.F., dissections in anatomy, creative 
writing, translating Hamlet, the most special 
APUSH class ever, art and ceramics, the AP Bio 
games, and being Coach Grubowski! Activities: 
Theatre 2,3,4; Art Club 4; Student Council 2,3,4; 
NHS 3,4; Renaissance 1,2,3,4; Student Council 4 



"Live the life you love 
and love the life you 

It's been a great senior year, meeting many 
different people. It was a great experience. 
Activities: Soccer 4 


Anna Carolina Dos Santos 


"You stay classy San 
Diego." -Anchorman 

"So what about that 
ride in; guess that's 
why they call it Sin City." High school is a crazy 
ride, but we finally made it. We made it a great 
experience that was something I wouldn't 
trade in for anything. To all my friends and 
teachers who made it such a great experience, 
thank you for the best four years of my life. 
Congratulations 2012! Activties: Baseball 
1,2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Team Strus 

"Every second brings a 
fresh beginning, every 

hour a new promise, 
every night our dreams 

bring hope, and every 
day is what we choose 
to make it." 

I can't believe I am done with school. All th 
memories and friends I have made along tl 
way will always be in my heart. I thank n 
mom and dad for always being there an 
supporting me. This ain't goodbye it's simp 
see you later. 

Alexis Jean Drury 


"Be happy; love life." 

I would like to thank my teachers, I could 
always count on them. I also would like to give 
a special thanks to my boyfriend, Sam. You've 
helped me through a lot and I wouldn't be who 
I am today without you. You're always by my 
side when I need you and you've never given 
up on me. I love you, babe. To my sister, Lisa, 
thank you for not giving up on me and for 
always being helpful with everything I do. 


"Live your life each day 
as if it were your last. 

Never give up." 
My four years of being 
in high school have 
taught me so much. I 
learned to be more re- 
sponsible, mature and also a stronger and 
better person. They made me the person I am 
today. With the help of my motivation and best 
friend, I made it. Through the hard and good 
times she has never given up. I love you! Also 
thank you to all my teachers, vice principals 
and guidance for all the support and help I had 
from you. I just want to say my high school 
years have been a great experience at FHS! 

KARINA jazmine Duenas 

Jerome Thomas Dugas 

"I don't trust words, I 
trust actions." 

Even though I didn't 
spend all four years at 
FHS, I still had a great 
experience, and one 
that shouldn't be for- 
gotten. It encouraged me to be successful. I 
would like to thank my mother, sister, and 
grandmother. These three women have made 
a huge impact on my life and my high school 
experience. They are fearless, confident, open- 
minded, strong, independent, and smart. They 
taught me to be the best student, daughter, 
and woman that I have become. Thanks also to 
my best friend, laly.' 2012 ALL DAY! 


! I 

These past four years have just burned by 
cannot believe it is soon to be out. To my 
parents: Thanks for everything. Activities: 
Football 1,3; Basketball 1,2,3 

Tyler Michael dupuis 

Benjamin David easler 


"You're only given a 
little spark of madness. 
You mustn't lose it." 

re's the deal on the write up... I got 
)thin!' Activities: Baseball 1,2,3,4; Team Strus 

"The most wasted of all 
days is one without 

Thank you to my friends and family. I've had 
some good times but now I need to move on. 

Alex Christopher Easley 



Negra, Japsi 

"I don't know how to 
put this, but I'm kind of 
a big deal." 

No matter where I go, no matter where I live, 
and no matter what job I get, I will always be 
part of the Fitchburg High Class of 2012, and I 
couldn't be more proud. I will miss everyone 
and I hope everyone has a great life. Activities: 
Football 1; Soccer 2,3,4; Volleyball 1,2,3,4; 
National Honor Society 3,4 

"Actions speak louder 
than words." 

These past four years of 
my high school ex- 
rience went from bad 
to great, from having 
bad grades to honors :) I want to thank my 
family, my counselors, Ms. Gullifa and Mr. 
Rojas; my best friends, DG, SP, YR, DT, MD, LP, 
DP, JL; and my teacher, Mrs. O'Neill. You guys 
helped me out a lot these past four years in 
achieving my goals and not giving up. High 
school is a tough time in life but at the end it's 
all worth it, and I'm proud I've made it til' the 

Jose Luis echevarriaCruz 



"I don't know what the 
future holds, but I 
know who holds the 

No one ever believed that I would get this far, 
but Mr. Taylor and Papi Caisse believed in me 
since my freshman year. When you have 
teachers who believe in you, you will go to 
places you never imagined you could. Thanks 
for shining the light that I followed. We made 
it: JL, MK, AR, KO, BB,andCH. 


"My bad, boss." 

I would like to thank my teachers for helping 
me through the years. I also would like to say 
thanks to my friend, Keila, for supporting me 
and always being there for me. FHS was a great 
experience for me. 




"If you can change your 
mind, you can change 
your life." ~ William 

The most important piece of advice that I have 
ever received in my freshman year but chose 
not to listen until two years later. It was foolish 
of me but when I listened it worked and now I 
am graduating on time. I tell you from 
experience if someone gives you advice, keep it 
in mind until you need it. Thank you for 
believing in me. "Mistakes a are fact of life. It is 
the response to error that counts." (Nikki 

"Happiness is the cure 
for everything!" 

I want to thank my mom for always be 
there, my friends for keeping me happy 
out of trouble, and my teachers for being th 
for me and helping me. Activities: Disc Golf' 

William Joseph Ewing Jr. 

Crazy Legs 

"Don't try to fix 
something if it isn't 

Look at how big and bald my head was! I guess 
I've always had the biggest brain at FHS... or 
just a big head. I would like to thank my 
girlfriend, Sarah, for making it possible for me 
to push through. To my closest friends, Lucas, 
Evan, Tyler, Brendan, Ben, David and Zack: 
Thanks for liking me just the way I am. 


"Basketball is like 
poetry in motion, cross 
the guy to the left, take 
him back to the right, 
he's fall in" back, then 
just 'J' right in his face. 
Then you look at him 
and say, 'what?' ~ 
Jesus Shuttlesworth 
I want to say thank you to my teachers for 
teaching me cool things. Thanks to my coaches 
for the wonderful ride and valuable lessons, 
and to my boys through four tough years of 
football. Thanks for the cheers, jeers, and tears. 
And a special dedication to my amazing 
girlfriend, Jazmen; thank you for everything. 
Activities: Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4 

Fanels, Goodguy, Freakshow 

Luis Alberto Feliciano 

Laura Patricia Fermin 

"I'm just saying you can 
do better; tell me that 
you heard that lately." 

Mom and Uncle Javier, thank you! I appreciate 
that you believe in me. Activities: 21st Century 

"Yesterday made me 

stronger and today I'll 

make myself better for 

My four years at FHS 
have taught me many 
lessons and helped 
mold me into who I am 
today. Special thanks to my parents who have 
given all the love in the world. Also thanks to 
Step Up, and Ms. Kelly. R.I.P. Pedro and Nelson. 
Shout outs to Pamela, Luis, Brianna, Keillen, 
Kalina, Mr. Garcia, Anna, Meredith, and the 
Genaos. Best of luck 2012. Activities: Step 
Team 1; Student Government 4; Peer Leader- 
ship 3,4; Intergenerational Club 3,4; Step Up to 
Excellence 2,3,4; Multicultural Club 4 


Daroll Alexander Flores 

"You don't know what 
you have until you lose 

am so thankful because in this school I have 
arned more than I had in Puerto Rico! 
ctivities: 21st Century 4 

"Yesterday is history, 
tomorrow is a mystery, 
today is a gift, that's 
why they call it 

Take the time to 
reflect upon yourself 
and all of your accomplishments in the past 
years. We may not be thrilled to remember 
most events but we definitely remember 
making hundreds of memories with the people 
we have come to know and understand. It is 
only a small journey for some of us; others will 
make the best out of what they have now. Let's 
all do the same; keep our heads high and work 
hard towards what we wish to achieve. 

Keiko Elizabeth Gammel 

Ashley Marie Garcia 

Keiks, Keiko Grammar-Hammer- 

"Music is a higher 

revelation than all 
wisdom and 
philosophy." ~ 
It still hasn't hit me yet 
that we're done our 
high school career. The 
experience has been amazing and un- 
forgettable. I have made memories and friends 
that will last a lifetime. Thanks to my family 
and those that made everything that much 
better, love ya tons! NM, JJ, KC, ES, and of 
course all my field hockey girls <3! Congrats 
2012, we made it! Activities: Field Hockey 
1,2,3,4; Field Hockey Captain 4; Softball 1,2; 
Indoor Track 3; NHS 3,4; Yearbook Editor 4 

"Smiles; they're easy and 
free to give. <3" 

Looking back to freshman year when I was told: 
"These are going to be the fastest four years of 
your life," I didn't believe it; now look where I 
stand... an FHS graduate (: OH-YEAH!! Thank 
you Mr. D. for helping and pushing me through it 
all. Mrs. Scott, Ms. Schmitt (favorites) and the 
lady who drives me BANANAS, my mother. 

Carlos Javier Garcia- Rivera 

Elizabeth May Gauvin 


"Living Large!" 

Shout outs to all my friends and family; the last 
four years have been great. I wouldn't be 
where I am today without all of you: MN, JR, 
VS, MB, JB, DR, and SD. Congrats, to the Class 
of 201 2. Activities: Volleyball 1,2 

"There is no next time. 
It's now or never." ~ 

I can't believe how 
much fun I had these 
past few years. To my 
girls: I would have 
been so bored without you! MC, NG, NA, G, 
KH: Everyone keep in touch! JB, you are the 
BEST! Everyone else: You all made high school 
great; thank you! Thanks to my parents and 
teachers who made me work when I wanted to 
slack. Four years went by so fast, but the 
memories are priceless. Thank you! Activities: 
Competition Swimming 4, Varsity Tennis 4 

Nicole Elizabeth Gentilella 

Abramo Evaristo Giannetti 


"May your hands 
always be busy, may 
your feet always be 
swift, may you have a 
strong foundation, 
when the winds of 
changes shift." 
-Bob Dylan 

Thanks to all my friends for making these past 
years a truly memorable experience. I will 
never forget all the fun times and laughs we 
shared. Though we are all going our separate 
ways, I hope we'll stay close. Thanks also to my 
teachers for being true role models throughout 
the years, and helping me be all I can be. I wish 
all of the members of 2012 the best of luck. 







"Whatever you are, be 
a good one." 

Had some good times at this school, 'Goo 
Squad' all day! Activities: Soccer 1,2,3,4; NF 
3,4; Interact Club 3; Pillow Polo All Star 1,2,3/ 

Hannah Jaye Goguen 

Daniel Enrique Gonzalez 

K * 

"Dream as if you'll live 
forever. Live as if you'll 

die today." 
These have been the 
best four years. Thanks 
to my parents for put- 
ting up with me, and 
my Grammy Jaye for staying strong and for my 
afternoon snacks every day after school, love 
you bigger than the biggest!' Thanks PunShaw 
for being a good best friend. #11, #3, #13, #23 
4-ever! Thank you Mr. Twomley for making me 
a celeb, and Ms. Manto for everything. I'm 
going to miss my BFF Ms. Cayer and all of our 
'special breaks', and my 2 brothers Kyle and 
Caleb. . .thanks. Activities: Basketball 1,2,3,4 



"Be who you are and 
say what you feel, 
because those who 

mind don't matter and 
those who matter don't 
mind." -Dr. Seuss 

ACHO GOLDO, WOW! Finally, the best years are 
over. Congratulations Class of 2012! I'm going 
to start by saying thank you to GEARUP and to 
the teachers who have helped me along the 
way. I'd also like to thank my 'familia' that was 
there for me. The past four years have been 
great. Big shout outs to my Mom, NR, CH, YR, 
KG, BM, JE, JL, CY, and JC. WEPA! Activities: 
Yearbook Editor 4 


Elvin Gonzalez 

Patrick George Gowdy 

"An individual has not 
started living until he 

can rise above the 
narrow confines of his 
individualistic concerns 
to the broader concerns 
of all humanity." 

Pat, Gowdy 


These four years of high school have been a 
pleasant experience. I have had some great 
times here, but it's time for me to move on and 
make something of myself. I plan on going to 
college in order to build my education and 
prepare for the future. I will miss everyone 
here, and wish them the best of luck! 
Activities: Baseball 1,2,3,4; Track 3 


Thanks to my family and friends for all the help 
and support throughout the years. High school 
was a breeze, but it's time for real life. I would 
like to thank all the teachers who put up with 
my mouth! 

Jamal Rash i em gray 

Keila Savannah Gray 

"Friends are like four- 
leaf clovers, very lucky 
to have and very hard 
to find." 

hool was fun! 

"It's not about being 
happy, it's about not 
letting sadness win." 

This experience has been difficult, but I'm glad 
that I made it through. I'm very grateful for 
the friends I've gained. Thank you for accepting 
me the way I am. FL, MT, Rl, ON and CY: Thanks 
for supporting me and giving me the best 
advice possible. I never would've made it this 
far, alive, without all of you guys' help. 
Activities: Helping Hands 4; Multicultural Club 
4; Yearbook Editor 4; French Club 

Keilalalalahhh, Keke, Keboo 

NATHAN Paul Grossi 

"Sticks and stones may 
break my bones but 
words will never hurt 


When I came to FHS I wasn't sure who I was 
but my friends and teachers helped me 
become who I am today. I will never forget 
everyone who has ever been in my life. 
Activities: Tech Support 1,2,3 


"Never confuse motion 

with progress. A 
rocking horse moves, 
but goes nowhere." 

My mistakes aren't due to insensitivity, but my 
pure naivety. I won't let them go, but strive 
beyond them so, no more excuses; if you want 
proof, here's the truth I can't read your mind 
and surely not your heart, I'm just asking for a 
chance and a place to start. Activities: Varsity 
Tennis 3,4; Class Vice President 4; Red Raider 4; 
Student Council 1,2,3,4 

Erin Elisabeth haaker 

Nicole Taylor Hagan 

"I don't suffer from 
insanity, I just enjoy 
every minute of it." 

High school was hard, but I am glad for it. I met 
so many wonderful people and made so many 
friends. I love you all. I would like to thank my 
teachers for inspiring me to be more. 

"Keep smiling because 
life is a beautiful thing 
and there is so much to 

smile about." 
You're always told how 
fast high school will go 
by, but no one believes 
it. These last four years have flown by. I 
couldn't have gotten here without the girls I've 
had since day one: My sister Hannah, and my 
boo, Bria. LT, RR, TC, BC, RO, LN, EG, OM, 789, 
and Mr. Twomley: I wouldn't be who I am 
today without you guys. It's sad to leave, but 
I'm excited to see what this life has in store for 
me. 2012! Activities: Volleyball 1,2,3,4; 
Softball 1,2,3; Indoor Track 1,2,3 


Samuel James Hanson 

"Go confidently in the 
direction of your 
dreams." ~ Henry 
David Thoreau 

It's time to start the 
next chapter in my 
life. Thanks to everyone for all the memories, 
especially AK and KP for all the laughs, stories, 
adventures, and amazing moments we shared. 
Through all the ups and downs, these have 
been the best four years of my life and I 
wouldn't trade it for anything. Now it's time for 
me to shine and achieve my dreams and 
aspirations to become a pediatrician. 
Activities: Health Occupations of America 4 

"All things are difficult 
before they are easy." 

Now that everything is said and done, I lo 
back to my four years at FHS as the best ye. 
of my life thus far. I want to thank everyo 
who has blessed me with such a memoral 
experience. WHO'S GOT THE FUNK?! Activity 
MEP 1; Interact Club 3,4; Marching Ba 
1,2,3,4; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Jazz Band 1 
Chorus 4; Team Strus 1,2,3,4 

Kaitlin Elizabeth Harnden 

Kelly Nicole haystrand 


"I don't believe you 
have to be better than 

everybody else. I 
believe you have to be 
better than you ever 
thought you could be." 
-Ken Venturi 


'Its not cheating, its team work,' 'Advanced 
Procrastination,' 'APUSH skates,' 'sticky 
situations.' These are the things I will always 
remember. G, AD, EG, teachers, coaches, and 
relatives: I can't thank you enough. Good luck 
2012, I'll miss you all. Activities: Field Hockey 
4; Ice Hockey 1,2,3,4; Softball 1,2,3,4; National 
Honor Society 3,4; Art Club 3,4 

"If I seem a little 
strange, that's because 

Thanks to all those who stood by me. 

Christine Marie Heon 

Rachel Julia Hodges 

"If you knew better, 
you'd do better." 

I want to give a big thank you to Mr. Rojas and 
Ms. Gullifa. They stood by me year after year, 
changed my life for the better, and helped me 
stand where I'm standing now! My parents 
deserve a BIG thank you for helping me make it 
this far. Without their motivation, I don't think 
I'd be where or who I am today! <3 '12 ALL 
DAY! Activities: Yearbook 4 

"May the wind always 
be at your back and the 
sun upon your face. 
And may the wings of 
destiny carry you aloft 
to dance with the 

I've had some of the best and some of the 
worst times since I walked through the doors 
on my first day of high school. I definitely could 
not have got through my struggles without my 
parents and my brother Pat. One teacher will 
always stay with me. Rest in paradise Mr. 

Christopher Douglas Howe 


Chris, Howie 

"Bonesaw is ready!!!" 

FHS was one heck of a 
ride but it was worth it. 
I've met some pretty 
'rad' classmates and 
ichers who have made the learning 
jerience a lot more fun. To all my 
eakshows': This is the end of high school, but 
ater things will arrive. Thanks Mom, Dad, 
tad, and Amy for being there because, to be 
nest, the house gets scary when nobody's 
me! Class of 2012, the 'force' is with all of 
Activities: Baseball 1; Cross Country 1,2; 
ckeyl; Student Council 3 


"Those who look to the 
past or the present are 
certain to miss the 

I've enjoyed these four years of high school, 
but now is the time to go off and do bigger 
things with my life. I'll miss my friends but I'm 
starting my future now. Shout out to CH, BE, G, 
GO. Activities: Golf 3; Theater 3,4 

John Inthompadith 

"Follow the path of 
your dreams to make 
them come true." 

When I sleep, I dream dreams that I want to 
come true. I had a dream that I was a 
successful businessman, like Warren Buffet, 
and when I woke up it was not true. So in order 
to make this happen, I have to study and work 
hard in both school and my career to be a 
successful businessman. 


Danni, D. 

"If we fall, we fall 
together" - Mayday 

We made it! It's been a crazy four years but the 
end is finally here. I'd like to thank my amazing 
parents and stepfather for everything they've 
done for me. Also, a special thank you to 
Amber and George for always staying by my 
side. I love you all! Activities: Cheering 1,2,3,4; 
Softball 1,2; Theatre 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4 

Joshua Everett Jenness 

Crystal Rauha Johnson 

"Yesterday's history, 
tomorrow's a mystery." 

I can't believe high 
school is over, but I'm 
ready to move on. I'd 
like to thank Cassie, 
Jackie, and especially 
my dad. I really couldn't have made it without 
you three. I'd also like to thank Mr. Thibodeau 
for being a great mentor, Mr. Moore, and all of 
Step Up. To all the good times over the years: 
KC, TR, KG, SBD, DP, ZCS, and CH! Good luck in 
the future, Class of 2012. Activities: Track 
1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,4; Basketball 1; Class 
President 2; Soccer 3; Step Up to Excellence 
2,3,4; Pillow Polo 2,3,4 


"Always fall in with 
what you're asked to 
accept. Take what is 
given, and make it over 
your way. My aim in life 
has always been to 
hold my own with 
whatever's going. Not 
against: with." 
-Robert Frost 
Thanks to the staff of FHS, for making these 
past 4 years bearable. All kidding aside, I know 
I will miss everyone, especially KH, AD, EG, and 
NG for making me laugh. To the students of 
2012, may you be prosperous in all you do, and 
keep that Raider Pride for life! Activities: 
procrastination; laughing 


Katie Lynn Kaanta 

"I'm not afraid, at least 
not to die. I'm afraid to 
live and not remember 
why." ~ Envy On the 

Senior year! I want to thank my friends, my 
family, and most importantly, my teachers and 
advisors for helping me reach this point in my 
life. I'm very excited to be graduating with all 
the memories and entering a new stage in my 
life with so many new memories to come. 
Twenty Twelve, SC, BL, JL, ML, Mom and Dad! 

"Today you are you, 
that is truer than true. 

There is no one alive 
who is youer than you." 
-Dr. Seuss 

These last four years have been amazing.J 
want to thank Mrs. Morand and Mrs. HytinH 
for helping me out and putting up with m j 
Emily MacManus, my best friend, thanks f 
being there for me and helping me. Activitie 
Student Council 4; Yearbook 4 


Patrick Eugene Kelly 

I would like to thank everyone who was there 
through it all. It was a good four years here at 
FHS and I'll never forget it. God Bless every 
one. Activities: Basketball 1,2; Cross Country 1 

"Insolence plagues all 
of mortality" 

Congratulations to the Class of 2012! 


Aaliyah Kidd 


I have accepted myself for who I am and for 
that I love myself. Activities: Volleyball 1,2,3,4 
Love you girls; Basketball 1,2; Peer Leadership 
2,3,4; Math and Engineering Club 1,2,3; Health 
Occupations Students of America 3,4 

Saleem Hassan Kidd 

"You can do anything in 
life if you put your 
mind to it." 

memory is a way of holding onto the things 
>u love, the things you are, the things you 
iver want to loose. 'The Wonder Years'. . . my 
[ars! I just want to thank my teachers and 
aches for the support in helping me finish 
|e one thing I thought I couldn't do, SCHOOL! 
iiank you all. Activities: Basketball 3,4 


"Your time is limited, so 
don't waste it living 
someone else's life. 
Don't be trapped by 
living with the results 
of other people's 

I would like to give thanks to Mr. Dell for 
helping me and tutoring me in high school. 
Also, thanks to Mrs. Taft, a.k.a. Miss Meyer, for 
being a great teacher. Also I want to say that 
I'm going to miss my best friend, Jeremias 

Andrew Thomas King 

My four years at FHS have been a blast! To the 
students and teachers who have been there 
through the years: I thank you. Especially SH, 
JC, BP, AH, SA, AP, KL; you guys are the best! 
Activities: Band 1,2,3,4; Interact Club 1,2,3,4; 
Theatre 1,2,4 


David Scott King 

Roxxanna Destiny Marie Kurtz 


"When all is said and 
done, I'll never look 

To be honest, I wasn't really sure what I was 
going to write. I guess I could just say I've 
gained and lost people throughout my years at 
FHS. I've had my rough times like everyone has 
and I'd like to thank all the people who have 
always been there for me and continued to 
acknowledge me. The rest of you are close to 

"A flower that blooms 
in the face of adversity 
is the rarest one can 
find." -Mulan 

I spent a year away from FHS and that 
made me realize how much this school has 
become like a home to me. I will never forget 
all the friends I've made and the teachers I've 
had. Every one of them will forever remain a 
part of who I am. And as I go off and start my 
life and attend college, I know I won't be 
wasting a second when I decide to look back. 
Activites: Tribe 4 

Chelsea Anne LaClair 

Alexis Jasmine landfried 

"Life is but a dream." 

When I first arrived at FHS, I was nervous. Now 
that I'm a senior, after all these years, I've 
learned a lot. I thank my friends; they helped 
me through the impossible. This has been a 
long journey; now it's time for me to move on. 
Thank you so much! Activities: Art Club 2,4 

i 1 

Nicholas Wiseman Landry 

"Believe that life is 
worth living and your 
belief will help create 
the fact." 

My high school years have certainly been an 
experience filled with memories that I will not 
forget. Throughout high school I have made 
many friends who I will not forget and I have 
spent countless hours making memories. High 
school has definitely prepared me with the 
right skills to achieve success and pursue life. 
Activities: Golf 1,2,3,4; Tennis 3; Community 
Service 1,2,3,4 

Trixi Mary Mar Lazarin 

"All there is to fear is 
fear itself." 

Let's take every chance we get because life 
moves too fast to have limitations. Special 
thanks to my parents and sisters for the tough 
love and support that pushes me to get further 
in every aspect of my life. I wouldn't be who I 
am today if it weren't for all the memories 
made with everyone who has been there for 
me all these years. You know who you are - no 
one goes unappreciated. 

"We each leave our 
marks on the world 
every moment of every 

day through the 
choices we make and 
the actions we take." 

Congratulations to the Class of 201 2! Activities: 
Piano; Ice Hockey 1,2,3,4; Soccer 1,2,3,4 

Jose Miguel Lara 

"No one can tell you 


Thanks to all my true friends and family. ( 
luck to everyone. Activities: Skateboarding 

PHUONG hoang nhat le 


"Put your future in 
good hands... your 

First thing I want to say is thank you to my dad. 
He brought me into this world and let me 
know how beautiful life is. Now I would like to 
say thank you to my mom. She brought me the 
best thing in this world, her love for me. The 
last thing I would like to say is thank you to my 
cousin, and my big family. Thank you for taking 
care of me for a long time and for being beside 
me when I needed it! Thank you all! 

Jordan Christine LeBlanc 

Tricia Nicole leger 

"You've gone mad, 
bonkers, off your head. 
But I'll tell you a secret, 
all of the best people 
are." -Alice in 

<3: SH, VH, 
Historian 1 

i BJ, DJ, and NA. Activities: 

"And I'll be fine with 
myself and my life as 
long as my dreams 
aren't far behind, I 
know what I want and 
I'll never lose sight." 

I like being around the ones I love: Alex P, Nico 
D., Dimitri K., Kylie B., Victoria M., Maria V., 
Jake B., Larissa N., and my family. 

Laura Ann leShane 

Brianna Marie Limbaugh 

"There's no point to 
living life unhappy." 

1 school was an amazing experience! Tons 
nemories were made that I wouldn't give 
or anything! 

"Be who you are and 
say what you feel 
because those who 
mind don't matter, and 
those who matter don't 
mind." -Dr. Seuss 

I want to thank my family, friends, and 
teachers for making this a great year for me. I 
hope to see all of you after I graduate and that 
we all have a successful life.Activities: Track 
and Field 1,2; Field Hockey 1 

Jeremy Lisasuain 

Abigail locher 


"You are the sun in the 
morning and my moon 

in the night; you are 
the love of my life and 

for you I will fight.". 

FHS has been a blast but this is the last year so 
it's going to be in the past. Thanks to 'Daddy 
Caisse' for helping me all the way. This school 
year is done, hip, hip hooray! I made it! Thanks 
to all my boys who stuck with me the whole 
way: Mark, Jose, Andrew, and the Class of 
2012! Activities: Class Basketball; Summer Up; 
Football 1 


"Across the land, across 
the sea, friends forever 
we will always be"~HS 
and LS, Move you girls. 

Mom and Dad I want to thank you for your 
constant support, love, and guidance. Thank 
you for always being there for me no matter 
what. Barbie, I want to thank you for not only 
being my sister but my best friend as well. I 
could not ask for a more amazing sister; you've 
taught me so much. Without you three I would 
not be where I am today. Know that I love you 
all with my whole heart. 

Cara Elizabeth Lombard 

Pong lor 

Care Bear 

"Bridges burn; people 
die, but true love lasts 

These past four years have taught me a lot 
about life and myself. Thank you so much to all 
my understanding teachers, supportive friends, 
and especially my amazing boyfriend, Michael. 
I wouldn't have gotten through this year 
without you; I love you. Good luck 2012. Follow 
your dreams. Release the 'kraken'l Activities: 
Cheerleading 1,2,4; Prom Committee 4; 
Powder puff 1,2,4 

"Live long, stay strong" 
"Do the best, better 
than the rest" 

Thanks to all the people who guided me during 
my high school years to graduate. I am very 
thankful for all of you. Activities: Volleyball 4 

Pongie, Pongo, Lortonzy 

\ ! 

Christopher Iain Maclean 

"A lie is a lie. Just 
because they write it 
down and call it history 
doesn't make it the 
truth." -Call of Duty: 
Black Ops 

This is what we've come here for. You only live 
life in the present so forget about your past and 
now take a second look at your future and 
don't you ever forget it. When the time is right 
seize your chance and don't ever let it go, but 
stay clear of the dangers in front of you. 
Activities: Cross Country 1,2,3; Indoor Track 
1,2,3; Outdoor Track 1,2,3 

Brian a dominga Ma lave 

"Life is too short to put 
to waste. Value your 
life, inspire others and 

change the world. 
Remember you can do 
it if you believe." — Bri 

Now that it's my senior year I can finally say 
goodbyes. I enjoyed my four year experien' 
made a lot of friends, and gained a lot' 
support from my peers. I just want to thank 
best friends, Luis Delos Santos, Anna [ 
Santos, and Laura Fermin, for being there 
me. I'm going to miss you FHS. Activiti 
Fitchburg High Step Team 1,2 


Danielle Ashley Maloughney 

"Make every step 

Mrs. Roberts and Mr. Taylor: Thank you for 
being the ones to help me grow. Meghan S. 
and Tricia Leger: The ones who made high 
school the best of times. Activities: Peer Tutor 

"Time to fly!" 

Hello, my name is Danielle Maloughney. I'm 
seventeen years old and I just want to say 
congrats to the Class of 2012! It seemed like 
yesterday when we were freshmen but now 
we are seniors who are ready to say goodbye. 
I'm going to miss all my friends, Jacob, Lisa, 
Nikki, Merrick, Toryn and many others. Well, 
congrats Class of 2012! Activities: Concert 
Choir 1,2,3,4; Wil Darcangelo and the Tribe 3,4 


Mario Enrique Marinero 

Rachael Ann Marrella 

"To those who work hard, 
good will come." 

Since freshman year 
I've always wanted to 
be someone who ac- 
complished something in life for a better 
future. I wouldn't be here without the help and 
support of my family. Even in the hardest times 
they never turned their backs on me. I will be 
the first in my family to graduate high school. I 
am going to repay them by working hard and 
supporting my family in any way I can, not only 
here but also back in El Salavador as they once 
did for me. 

I can't believe high 
school is finally over! 
These past four years 
have been unforgetta - 
ble. I want to thank my 
amazing family for 
always being there for 
me. Alexis Angelina Dellogono, you are the 
best friend I could ever ask for; thanks for 
getting me through these past four years. 
BFFEAE!! To the rest of my girls, thanks for the 
crazy memories we've shared. I love you all! CC, 
thanks for everything! Congrats and good luck 
2012! Activities: Varsity Cheerleading 1,2,3,4; 
Captain 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Student 
Council 4; Team Strus 1,2,3,4 


Hector David Martinez-Rivera 

"Don't go where the 
path may lead, go 
instead where there is 
no path and leave a 

:an't believe high school is coming to an end. 
n going to miss all the good times I had but 
n excited to see what good times are in the 
ture. I would like to thank all the people who 
Iped me through these years. Shout out to 
R,ND,and RP. 

"You just can't beat the 
person who never gives 
up." -Babe Ruth 

These four years have been the best experience 
of my life. I want to thank my mom, dad, sister, 
and all the people who made me work hard to 
become the person I am today. Thanks again. 
Activities: Baseball 1,2,3,4; Outdoor Adventure 
Club 1,3,4 


ky Statta, Matta Fresh, Black Hawk 

"My only fear is 

The first day I stepped 
into this school, I would have never imagined it 
would turn out this way. These four years have 
flown by and I can't believe they're over. 
Without my beautiful girlfriend, Lanisha Smith, 
and my few true friends AA, JC, EM, QP, TO, ST, 
TT, KP, JL, and SS, this wouldn't have been 
possible. Also I would like to thank Mr. D. and 
all my brothers. Yawaa. Activities: Football 
1,2,3; Basketball 1 

Stephanie Lee Maymi Cruz 

"All great 
achievements require 
time." -Maya Angelou 

Thanks to all those teachers who helped me 
through these four years of high school. Thanks 
to Mr. Caisse, Mrs. Mahon, Mr. Rojas, and Mrs. 
Watkevich. Activities: Soccer 1 

Tyler Patrick McCourt 

John James McGrath 

"Whenever I am caught 
between two evils, I 
take the one I've never 

After two years at Monty Tech, I transferred to 
FHS. At first I wasn't into it at all, but then I got 
into some activities and THE RED RAIDER SPIRIT 
came alive! I am grateful for all the teachers 
and all the staff. Thank you FHS for a great two 
years. CLASS OF 2012!!! Activities: Raider Works 
(with Mrs. Marshall) 

"Fos Ro Dah!" 

Thanks to the teachers who have helped me in 
these past years. Activities: Outdoor Adventure 
Club 1,2,3,4 

Haley Claire Mcnamara 

Alicia Yvonne Membrino 

i ^1 '' ji 

"No one said it would 
be easy; they said it 
wouldn't be easy; they 
said it would be worth 


I will never forget these past four years or the 
people who made them so memorable. I would 
like to thank my parents for everything they 
have done. Congrats. 2012 and good luck! 
Activities: Basketball 1,2,3,4; Soccer 1,2,3,4 


"Time flies; only 
yesterday it was the 
time of our lives." 

These four years went 
by fast. I can't believe 
it's already over. I have 
learned and been 
through a lot in my four years here. FHS \1 
fun, but now it's over. Time to separate 
lives and go our separate ways. I would h i 
never made it this far without my parents, s j 
dad, three brothers, Mr. D., 0J, SD, TP, 1 
Manto, and Ms. Schmitt. Most of all I wan ) 
thank my best friends, KM and DLT and. 
course, my amazing BF, JTD. I wouldn't h 
made it without you. 2012 forever! 


"Life is a journey; find 
the right path." 

It's finally my senior year and I would like to 
thank my parents, my best friends, DLT, AM, 
and Ms. Manto for believing in me and helping 
me get through these four years of high school. 
These four years have shaped me into the 
person I am today and I'm glad to have made it 
this far. 


Keishla Shakira Mendez 

mi consejo es 'Nunca 
dejes lo que empiezas.' 
Mi primera inspiracion 
es Dios porque, Dios es 
el unicoamigo, padre y 
hermano que existe." 

I hope everything in the world changes before 
you. One person can make a difference. Believe 
in God and have dreams because I know one 
day you can accomplish everything you want. 
Thanks to my husband because he was there 
believing in me even when I didn't believe in 

Markita Marie Mendez 

Luz Veronica Mercado 


"Know that pain will 
pass, and when it 
passes, you will be 
stronger, happier, more 
sensitive, and aware." 


Senior year...This has been a life-changing 
experience. It has not only changed my life, it 
has made me become the person I am today, 
and the better person I will be tomorrow. 
Mom, you're my motivation. Thank you for 
always being by my side, even when times get 
rough. Because of your love and support I'm 
driven to be the best I can be. Good-bye FHS, 
Hello future! 

"Life is hard but 
nothing is ever 

Thanks to my best friend, Yanisa Rojas: If it 
weren't for you, I probably wouldn't have 
continued my high school career; thank you for 
the motivation. Also, Mr. Rojas, thanks for 
always trying to keep me on track.Jhank you! 


Joseph raistlen Montanez 

"A dying man needs to 
die, as a sleepy man 
needs to sleep, and 
there comes a time 
when it is wrong, as 
well as useless to 

ianks to everyone who has shown me 
pport. Thanks for all the hardship and 
ilures as it helped to make me more 
ccessful and ambitious in life's journey. 

barter Ctmes 

llll IT Iff I 

"Do I believe in it 
because it exists, or 
does it exist because I 
believe in it?" 

canta per me addio; quel dolce suono 
del passati giorni; mi sempre rammenta 

tempra la cetra e canta; il inno di morte 
a noi si schiude il ciel; volano al raggio 

la vita dell'amore; dilette del cor mio 
oh felice, tu anima mia; canta addio... 

Kelsey Taylor Morales 

"Life is never easy for 
those who dream." 
-Robert James Waller 

High school was an amazing experience. 
Thanks to my mom, Greg, and Ms. Slade for 
always being there. And to my boyfriend JLC 
<3: You mean the world to me! HV, best 
friends forever <3, and the rest of my 'best' 
thanks for all the great memories! 2012, hope 
you do well after high school! Activities: Varsity 
Cheerleading 1,2,3,4; Cheerleading Captain 4; 
Yearbook Editor 4 



"You never know what 
life has around the 

corner. The only way to 
find out is to look." 

I grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida and I have 
moved around a lot. I love my family and my 
dog, Noah. I also enjoy eating ice cream! 
Activities: Cross Country 1, 4; swimming; 
snowboarding; rock climbing; hanging out 
with friends and my girlfriend 


Chelsea page Mulcahy 

Eric James Myles 

"I just like to smile; 
smiling is my favorite." 

The memories made 
here at FHS will stay in 
my heart forever. 
Although my mom is 
only here in spirit, I 
know she has been watching over me and 
helped me get through these four years in one 
piece. I'd especially like to thank my dad for 
supporting me through everything. SA, HC, SA, 
you girls are my rock! Not only are you my best 
friends, you are my sisters. Even though we are 
graduating I know we will never grow apart! 
Love you guys! Congrats Class of 2012! 
Activities: Track 1 ; Soccer 1 ,3,4; Dance 1 1 years 

Chels, Chelso 


No Turning Back 

"Imperfection is 
beauty, madness is 
genius and it's better to 
be absolutely ridiculous 
than absolutely 

It's over! After sixteen years, it's over. Now, to 
the no turning back stage. Thanks to the 
Almighty God and my parents. Shout outs to all 
of the Nelson family and Ms. Manto. 
'Saranghae!' Love y'all! Activities: Student 
Council 2,3,4; Helping Hands 3,4; Tennis 4; 
Multicultural Club 4 

"You only live once; life 

isn't about finding 

yourself, life is about 

creating yourself." 

Four years ago I was 

sitting here not having 
a clue what it would 
feel like to be months 
away from graduation. Now I know how it 
feels, overwhelming, exciting, and sad; all 
these emotions in one. I couldn't have done it 
without my family, my pops, my mother and 
brothers, Nik, Greg, and BJ. Can't forget my 
brothers for life, A0,AP,ST,T0,TT,KP, Jose 
Cabrera, Ric Matta, Quinton Perkins, and Byron 
Teague. Activities: Football 1,2,3,4; Football 
Captain 3,4; Basketball 1; Track 2,3,4 


Shout out to KG, Africa, and Vietnam. JDW 
day; what's poppin'?! 



"I ain't mad at it. 
Nothing good in life 
will ever come easy; 
you're going to have to 
work hard and give it 
your all." 

Thanks to my parents for being supportive in 
everything I do and for pushing me to my 
limits and making me responsible for my own 
actions. My teachers were my guides through 
high school, and I wouldn't have gone far 
without them. High school was fun and all but 
now I'm moving on to bigger and better 
things. Activities: Soccer 1; Football 2,3; Track 
2,3,4; Volleyball 4 



"It doesn't matter if you 
are king or pawn when 
the game is over, the 
king and the pawn go 
back to the same box." 

Time flies; it's already been four years that I 
have been at this school. I have good and bad 
memories that will follow me for the rest of my 
life. I can't wait for college, still I will never 
forget FHS and my friends. Also, I want to 
thank Mr. Perry for being an awesome mentor. 
Activities: Soccer 1; Tennis 3,4; Indoor Track 3; 
NHS 3,4 

Matthew Nguyen 

Nateisha Drainu Norton-Crowley 


"Our truest life is when 

we are in dreams 
awake." -Henry David 

It has been a crazy four years. High school has 
been an awesome experience and I'd like to 
thank all my teachers and friends for helping 
me get through it. A special shout out to my 
family, Troy, Justin, Dom, and the rest of the 
'Goon Squad.' 2012 ALL DAY! 'Burnerrrr'! 
Activities: Volleyball 1,2; Golf 2; Soccer 4; 
Pillow Polo 2,3,4 

"Reach for your 

I'd like to thank Mr. Minucci, Ms. Manto, and 
Ms. Morse, for always being there for me! Most 
of all I'd like to thank my mother for being 
there for me through good times and bad. I'd 
also like to thank my mom for pushing me to 
try my hardest at everything. ARMY here I 
come!!! Activities: Peer Leadership 3,4; Band 2; 
Da Vinci Club 3,4; Walking Club 3; Weight Club 



"Those who do not 
learn from history are 
bound to repeat it." 

gh school for me was really difficult in terms 
r location. First, I was at Monty Tech; I was in 
ffice Tech. Then, I switched into electrical 
iphomore year. Junior year I transferred to 
and now I'm confused on whether or not I 
ade a mistake. However I did enjoy the 
(perience I've had and can only hope for more 
]i come after high school. Activities: Upward 
iDund 1,2,3,4 



"It takes more muscles 
to frown than it does to 

High school has been such an interesting 
experience. I would not be where I am today 
without the help of my friends and family. I 
especially want to say thank you to Mr. Woods, 
Mrs. Strus, Mrs. Romero, Mr. Perry, and my 
parents who have helped me through 
everything. Thank you everyone for making 
these years unforgettable. Activities: Band 
1,2,3; Team Strus 3,4 

Garrett James O'Rourke 

"Don't ever let anyone 
tell you you're not good 
enough. They're dead 

High school was a pretty good book. It had its 
highs and its lows with twists and memorable 
events and now I have my whole life ahead of 
me. Activities: Yearbook 4 

Oluwatoni Temitope Onikeku 

"Never let anyone or 
anything dictate the 
outcome of your life." 

These past four years 
have been fun. I've 
learned so much and 
met so many interest- 
ing people. I would like to thank God, my 
family, teachers, coaches and my friends for 
enriching my high school experience. Shout 
outs to all the interesting people in my life; you 
know who you are, and to the 'Shnee Fam.' TD, 
TD, CL, EB, AB, JG, HG. Activities: Football 
1,2,3,4; Track and Field Indoor/Outdoor 3,4; 
NHS 3,4; Intergenerational Club 3,4; Student 
Council 1,2,3,4; Yearbook 3,4 

America yazmin Ortega 

Nayeli Geovanni Ortega 

"Rejection doesn't hurt, 
expectation does. Lying 
doesn't kill, denial 
does. Forgetting 

doesn't heal, 
forgiveness does." 

These four years couldn't have gone by any 
faster. I can't say I'll miss them because 
learning is never fun, but I will miss not having 
any real responsibilities. I know if it weren't for 
my parents and sisters pushing me to do better 
I wouldn't have done as well as I am doing so 
far; so thank you. I guess all that s left to say is 
congrats Class of 2012! 

"You got your passion, 
you got your pride, but 

don't you know that 
only fools are satisfied? 

Dream on but don't 

imagine they'll all 
come true. When will 

you realize Vienna 
waits for you?" 

I've only been made a stronger person. If s not 
the end, it's not the beginning. It's life going 
on. It has been quite a 'filler' from the 
beginning: CV always there, ZS, and the one 
and only ST! 

Desiree monique Otero 

Sarah Elizabeth Otero 


"I may not have gone 
where I intended to go, 
butltihnkl have ended 
up where I need to be" 
-Douglas Adam 

I want to thank my 
mother and family for 
always encouraging me to do good and 
graduate. In high school I've had my ups and 
downs, but I'm glad I had supporting family, 
because high school made me realize who my 
true friends are. High school has made me 
mature, especially this year I am going to 
accomplish my goal of being a chef. Also 1 1 
want to thank my boyfriend, Cito, for being 
there and helping me. 




"Obstacles can't stop 
you. Problems can't 
stop you. Most of all, 
other people can't stop 
you. Only you can stop 

Thank you everyone who made the past four 
years at FHS unforgettable and made me who I 
am today. High school has been amazing and I 
will always cheer for the red and gray! I 
couldn't have made it without KB, KH, SH, BP, 
JC, AK, JC and JT. 2012 ALL DAY! Activities: 
Class President 1,3,4; NHS 3,4; Multicultural 
Club 2,3,4; Interact Club 3,4 

"Who am I to tell fate 
where it's supposed to 

If it hadn't been for the love of my life, Billy 
Ewing, I wouldn't have found my true self and I \ 
wouldn't be who I am. Thank you to all my 
closest friends, Billy, Korianne, Ian, Crystal, 
Emily, Elly, and Rachel for helping me through 
the hardest moments of my life and being 
there for the happiest moments in my life. 




First, I want to thank God for EVERYTHING! I 
have learned a lot in these four years of high 
school. I'm almost graduating. Without my 
dad and my grandma I wouldn't have made it. 
I love my dad and want to thank him so much. 
My mother has been my motivation and 
inspiration. Also, thanks to my 'bff/big sis' 
Chantell for always being there for me. 
Goodbye FHS! Activities: Soccer 4 

Michael parrish Peppard 

RogerAntonio Perez 

Quinton Marcelles Perkins 

Robert Donald Peterson 

"I want my life to count 
for something, to attain 
some level or feeling of 
achievement, to look 
back and acknowledge 

I did that." 
I want to thank 
everyone who suppor- 
;d Booga. These past four years have been 
iard and I couldn't have done it without Jose 
abrera, Grandpa-Mr. D, my lovely mother, my 
| ig bro Jimmy Jay, ST, TO, KIPP, ICK, A, E, 
JRICK, DAP, BP, TJER, KA, MIK, Ray Cosenza, 
I aul Dige, 'DeeDuba', Mr. Mash and Roche and 
[LAY!!! Activities: Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 
,2,3,4; Track 2 

Booga, Qworks 

"Nobody gives you a 
chance... You have to 
take chances." 

I would have to say that 
5 ; these four years went 
M I by a little too quickly 

for me. I had such a blast at FHS that I don't 
want it to stop. I sure hope by the time I die 
they have a time machine so I can do it all over 
again! I want to thank my family and the great 
faculty at FHS for all their support. Shout outs 
to MR, and AT, special thanks to Dauph and 
Fatbaby for the best week of my lifeL.And 
MVK will always have a special place in my 
heart. Activities; Football 1 


KALINA Philalom 

Aaron Anthony Phillips 


"And when you're up 
there, they're all going 
to wish they were up 
there with you. Never 
stop doing you." 



The most valuable les- 
son I've learned throughout my four years of 
high school is to do what makes you happy and 
everything else will fall into place. Never be 
ashamed of something that makes you happy 
and never regret anything that has once made 
you happy. Always look for the good in things 
and just remember that life goes on. Shout 
outs to anyone who has ever brought me 
happiness. #Tweet Tweet 

"They say God takes 
some of the best 
people, well he got one 
of the greats." -RIP 

I never thought I'd be who I am today. I went 
to FL for two years and realized I missed my 
friends and family. Special thanks to my 
'Madrecapadre', Sandra Phillips and special ups 
to Tyrone Phillips. Shout out to Byron Teague, 
QBooga, EHAM, Jose Cabrito-The Bull, 
RickDatta, KipSav, Stephfon Teague, Tbreez, 
Melvin & Machi Garcia. ATL BABY, STEP IT UP A 
NOTCH. Activities: Football 4; Basketball 3,4 


Damary Pinto 

"Every passing minute 
is another chance to 
turn it all around." 

There's so much I could 
say about my four years 
here at FHS, but none 
of it matters without the people who got me 
here. To Sammy and my Boo, Nicole: I love you; 
thanks for everything. To my girls, NA, MP, DZ, 
KL, AC, RR, and my boys, AK, RO, JC, LM, and 
JBR: I wouldn't have made it without you! To 
Mrs. Strus, Kate F., and Mrs. Romero: Thanks! 
2012 all day! Activities: Band 1,2,3,4; Prom 
Committee President 4; Student Council 1,2,4; 
Team Strus 1,2,3,4; Interact 3,4; Yearbook 4 



"In three words I can 
sum up everything I've 
learned about life: It 
goes on." 
I made it so WAS- 
SUPP!!? Thanks to the 
special people who 
helped me: My mother for supporting me and 
making sure I got up in the morning, 'cause we 
all know I'm hard-headed, my Uncle Raul and 
Aunty Lori!! They're the reason why I never 
gave up. Last but not least I want to thank Ms. 
Manto for everything she has done and for 
inspiring me with an appreciation in and for 
life. Can't wait to see what the future holds! 
KD, YR, GT, JunJun, Tranki, J.E, Activities: Soccer 
3,4. Class Historian 4. Yearbook 4. <33 



"We keep moving 
forward, opening new 
doors, and doing new 
things because we're 

curious and curiosity 
keeps leading us down 

new paths." -Walt 

The past four years have been such an 
experience. I would not want to change a 
thing. To my parents: Thank you for 
everything, and to my friends: You will never 
be forgotten. Activities: Field Hockey 3; Dek 
Hockey 1,2,3,4 

"Live life to the fullest." 

I'm glad to be moving on. Congratulations to 
the Class of 2012! 

PaolaOmaris Ramos 

Victor Hernan Ramos 


"Learn from yesterday, 
live for today, hope for 
tomorrow." ~ Albert 

Wow I can't believe I'm finishing high school. I 
would like to thank all the people who have 
helped me throughout my four years of high 
school: Mom, Dad, WC, AD, CT, LP, CR, AG, SB, 
YR, CH, Mr. Lowney, Mr. Pierce and Mr. Rojas. It 
really has been the best four years of my life so 
far. Activities: Yearbook 3,4 

"Never forget the good 

It's hard to believe ifs 
all over and I'm 
figuring out what 
comes next. I think I'm 
going to miss the times with my friends the 
most; we got ourselves into some crazy stuff. 
Although it's going to stink being out of high 
school, I'm ready for the next chapter of my 
life. We did it 2012; lets show the world what 
we're made of. 'The Goonies' BURNUR! 
Activities: Snowboard Instructor 1,2,3,4; Karate 
Teacher 1,2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; 
Soccer 4 


Michael John Reardon Jr. 

Cheryl Maria Reyes 


"Get it!!!" 

I would like to thank all my boys who helped 
me through this place. NJD, RDP, and NAM, I 
wouldn't have graduated without your help. 
I'm 'gonna' miss all the good times we had. But 
live with no regrets! Activities: Football 1,2,3; 
Track 3; Basketball 4. 

"Treat others the way 
you want to be treated 
because God doesn't 
like ugly!" 


My three years at FHS were fun and interesting 
and I met new people. When I first came here 
they were all welcoming and acted like one big 
family. All the teachers here were nice, kind, 
and were there to help when a student needed 
it. I loved my years at FHS. Thank you for all 
your help. 


Justin Henry rivers 


ie last four years passed by in the blink of an 
ye. I want to thank Mrs. Morand, Mr. D, Mr. 
owney, and Mr. Dell for helping along the 
ay. Congrats to the Class of 2012. 

"You got to risk it to get 
the biscuit." 

A big thanks to all my friends and the teachers 
who gave me a chance and never kicked me 
out of class! Shout outs to MN, CG, TD, HG, and 
the rest of the 'Goon Squad.' Activities: Varsity 
Quidditch 2,3,4; Varsity Pillow Polo 1,2,3,4; 
Varsity Soccer 4 


Robar, RobesNasty 

" Fun is good!" 

These past four years have been full of nothing 
but great friends and unforgettable moments. I 
am very thankful it is over and I can start my 
actual life. I've had some of the most 
memorable times in these years and I will 
never forget: BJM<3, JJ, JD, EM, JC, SDB, RM, 
AD, HC, CL, and JS. Activities: Football 1,2,3,4; 
Track 2,3,4; Volleyball 1,2,3; Supreme 
Recorders, Team Strus 



"You do nothing; you 
get nothing." 

Class of '12, we made it! These four years were 
full of memories that I won't ever forget! Mom 
and Dad, thank you for the unconditional love 
and support. Ms. Manto, thank you so much for 
all the help. Without . . .Sade P. Japsi E. Laly P. 
Last but not least Mr. Lowney. Without all of 
you guys it wouldnt have been Memorable. 
Activities: Yearbook 4, Soccer 4. 

Cedric Anthony Robinson 

Marleen Jazzmin robles 

"Sometimes you got to 
get up on that horse 
and ride it!" 

Sweet dollar tea from McDonalds.. I drink that. 
'Supa' Hot Fire.. I spit that. Two and a Half 
Men.. I watch that. EC, EM, JC, KS, DYS, JR, MM, 
AP. I'd like to thank the Dolphins and the 
Reptiles that helped me through high school. 
OH YEAH FPD lol :) Cassandra's EIEIO Truck. 





"Nuttin much, 
chillen... you?" 

Coming in as a 
freshman was exciting 
and hard but within a matter of days I had to 
grow up and leave the eighth grade stuff 
behind. Now, as a senior, I have learned and 
have seen a lot in this school that will prepare 
me for an insightful and successful future! 
Shout outs to all of my 'ppls': Christian, Amy, 
Jose, Mark, Jeremy, Keila, Kim, Papa Wavy, 
Natasha, and Marci. BE SAFE! Activities: having 
fun; basketball 

Edgardo Rodriguez 

"Work hard now so the 
future can be fun and 


School has not been 
easy for me. I never tried hard because I 
thought there was no point. I remember when 
I first came here I thought all my friends were 
helping me to move forward in life. But instead 
they dragged me down. I thank my girlfriend 
for teaching me that working hard and trying is 
the right way to go. Thank you Lisa Drury for 
helping me through my last year of school; I 
love you so much. Thank you. 

"Never look back, but 
always forgive and 
never regret." 

Without you, I would have been lost. Thank 
you to everyone at FHS and my family for 
guiding me, inspiring me, and making me who 
I am today! God bless and love you all! 
Activities: McDonalds; mother to a beautiful 
baby girl 


Christian Dam i an Rodriguez 


"You only got one life 
to live!" 

I'm going to miss high school! It was a crazy 
four-year experience of my life. Couldn't have 
done it without all my friends; I'm going to 
miss everyone. See you all in the future, CLASS 
OF 2012!!! 


"A winner listens, a 
loser just waits until it 
is their turn to talk." 

I would like to thank Mr. Pierce and Mrs. 
Hancock for believing in me when times got 
rough and things didn't go great. Thank you for 
everything. I would love to also thank my 
mother who has always believed in me no 
matter what and has always supported me. 
Activities: Basketball!, 2 

yanisa rojas Rodriguez 

Deimary Roman 

"Tell me that I can't 

and I will show you 
that I can." "There's no 
progress in life without 
a struggle." 

High school has been 
the hardest four years 
of my life. As a teen mom the struggle and 
responsibility was doubled, but GEARUP kept 
me updated with resources and were there to 
answer all my questions. Thanks to Mr. Rojas 
and Ms. Gullifa for believing in me. Although I 
became a mother at a young age, my son was 
my motivation to push myself to become 
successful. My future goal is to become a nurse 
practitioner... Looking forward to college! 

Jigga D 

"Always reach for your 
dreams! And stay 

I'd like to thank Mr. Minnucci, Mr. Fuller, Ms. 
Thomas, and Ms. Manto. Most of all I want to 
thank my mom for always being there for me 
through good and bad times. Activities: Peer 
Leadership Club 1 



"The surest way to not 
fail is to determine to 

p like to thank my friends for all the good 
mes since I've been in high school and family 
!>r their support over the years. Activities: Golf 
2,3,4; Volleyball 2 

"The most important 
thing in life is to learn 
how to give out love, 
and to let it come in." 

These past four years 
at FHS have been 
unforgettable. I have 
met so many wonderful people and have done 
many amazing things. I can't believe how fast 
high school flew by. These years have shaped 
me into who I am today. I want to thank all my 
teachers, friends, and family who have helped 
me through it all, especially my parents and 
Mr. Twomley. Activities: Student Council 2,3,4; 
Interact 3, 4; Prom Committee 3,4; TV Media 
2,3,4; Yearbook 4, MTSD = FIERCE 1 ,2,3,4 




Samantha Judith Rutowski 

"If you never did, you 
should, these things are 
fun, and fun is good." , 



"Tears idle tears, I know 

not what they mean. 
Tears from the depth or 

some divine despair 

rise in the heart and 

gather in the eyes." 
~ Alfred Lord Tennyson 

High school has been a very interesting time in 
my life. I have made some really awesome 
friends. I have had many fun experiences, like 
state competition plays and cross country. As 
much as I will miss it, I am excited to go to 
college and travel. I thank my family for 
getting me this far. Activities: Cross Country 
1,2,3,4; Theatre 1,2,3,4; Outdoor Track 2,3; 
Ballet 7 years; Art Club 3,4; Tribe 3,4 

Nikolas Charles Saari 


I've had a crazy four years of high school that I 
know I will never forget. I definitely have a lot 
of people to thank. Although I only spent my 
last two years here, I met a lot of good people 
and I'm happy to be graduating with the rest of 
201 2. 1 would like to give a special shout out to 
all my boys at 25 Elmwood Ave. You know who 
you are. This experience wouldn't have been 
the same without you. 

"Live every day as if if s 
your last, because you 

never know when 
you're going to pass." 

Let's face it, everybody's different. Everybody 
matures differently. Everybody has their own 
opinion of you. It's high school. Friends come 
and friends go. Kids you used to be glued to 
side-by-side, now walk past you like they never 
knew you. But since the beginning I've had 
pretty much the same group of friends: AW, 
DS, EO, DN, CB, GA, IC, EB, RH, CL, BS, B., ZR. 

katarina Isabella Salafia 

Mayra Elizabeth Salome 


Church Girl, Speedy 

These past four years went by way faster than I 
expected, but all in all it was a good time. BH, 
AC, CM, ES; high school wouldn't have been the 
same without you girls. We've honestly had 
the best times. And to my family, thanks for 
everything. Happy to say it's finally over, and I 
made it through. Never forget class of 2012. 
Activities: Dance 16 years; Yearbook 3,4 


"Who says I can't be 
free?" -John Mayer 
Well we made it 
seniors; it's our time to 
transform from young 
adults to adults. This is 
our "Rite of Passage!" 
I'm ready to jump right 
into the real world and find my calling. This is 
our year to make a difference. Like John Mayer 
said, "We're waiting for the world to change." 
Let's not wait, let's change the world when we 
graduate. Go for your dreams and don't let 
anyone stop you; chase them until you catch 
them. I want to thank my mom, my Aunt Ruth, 
and my brothers.One love, maybe we will cross 
paths in the future. Activities: Soccer 4 

— I 

"Happiness keeps you 
sweet, sorrows keep 
you human, life keeps 
you humble, success 
keeps you glowing, but 
God keeps you going." 

I would like to give special thanks to tfr 
GEARUP staff who helped me create mar 
unforgettable memories. Thank you family an 
friends for making high school an extraordinat 
experience. I love you all! Class of 2012 Al' 
DAY!!! Basketball 1,2 Cross Country; 1,2; ME 
Program; 2,3,4; Leadership; 2,3; H.W Clul 

Victor Javier Sanchez 


"Look at my face and 
ask me if I care?" 

My junior year was one of my best years 
because Mrs. Binnall was here to help me all 
throughout the year. I will miss all my friends 
next year. My plans are to go to Johnson and 
Wales to become a chef. Good luck to all my 
friends and teachers. Activities: Da Vinci Coffee 
House 4; Senior Reception 4. 




Vincent James Scaficchia 

Hannah Jane Scott 

Vinnie, Scafeeks 

"Goon Squad. 

It has been a long four years and we have all 
done, and changed a lot. Some things will be 
forgotten, but most we will always remember. 
Shout out to all my people who helped me 
through and see you later to the ones who 
didn't. Activities: Football Volleyball 1,2; Golf 
2; Soccer 3,4; Dream Team all day; the original 
Team Strus; Football; 1 

"Never a dull moment." 

Mom and Dad, you 
both mean everything to me and without you 
guys I wouldn't be who I am today. Thank you 
for giving me the world; I love you both. MK, 
LS, MS, AL, TB, JS, BC, CN, and the rest of my 
family: Without you guys, I wouldn't have 
made it. I love you all and you have all changed 
and touched my life in different ways and 
thank you for that. Without you my life 
wouldn't be the same. I finally did it! 


Lauren Melissa Smith 

Lani, Smitty 

"No weapon formed 
against me shall 
prosper."- Isaiah 54:17 

Jthough I was reluctant to transfer to FHS, it 
rned out for the better. Mommy, you're my 
ck; without you I would not have made it to 
w senior year. Sugga, Chels, and Cal, I love 
ju all. These past four years wouldn't have 
[en as fun without my honey, Ric Matta, ZC, 
p, MR, YR, DT, KM, and Twerk Team. Finally 
le made it! 2012 we out!! 


"Today you are you, 
that is truer than true. 

There is no one alive 

My experience at FHS has been amazing. I'm 
happy to say that some of the people I've 
become friends with, I'll be friends with for life. 
HS, AL, JC: You've all helped me through so 
much and we always have so much fun 
together. Mom, Dad, and Haley: You guys have 
made me who I am today and I love you so 
much. I'm sad to be leaving everyone but 
excited to start something new. 


Zachary Millard St. Jean 


"Someday everything 
will make perfect 
sense, but for now 
laugh at the confusion, 
smile through the tears 
and keep reminding 

yourself that 
everything happens for 
a reason." 

The beginning of the rest of our lives is actually 
here; the past four years have flown by. I'm 
who I am today because of my parents. Thanks 
mom and dad for pushing me to reach my full 
potential. I'd like also thank all my teachers 
and especially JMS, KIS, and KEG, who made 
my high school years worth-wild. <3Activities: 
Field Hockey 1,2; Dance 3; Yearbook 4 


"We make up horrors to 
help us cope with the 
real ones." 

The only thing I look forward to is leaving this 
place. My friends are all that matters and they 
know who they are. Activities: Football 1 

Raul Eduardo Suazo Perez 

Bryan Douglas Suomala 

"Don't let obstacles 
define you; learn from 
them; let them make 
you stronger." 

These last four years in FHS have been 
challenging; but thanks to the help of some 
teachers, it all got easier. They are Ms. Abreu, 
Mr. Garcia, and Ms. Martinez. Even though they 
aren't my teachers they still helped me not 
only in academics but also in life. 

I've never fooled anyone; I've let people fool 
themselves. They didn't bother to find out who 
and what I was. Instead they created a 
character of who they thought I was. 
Unfortunately, they were seeing someone I 
wasn't. RJH,APV,SMG! 

Benjamin Dwight Swenor 

Kayla Nicole Tapply 

"Success is not 
measured by what you 
accomplished, but by 
the opposition you 
encountered and the 
courage with which 
you have maintained 
the struggle against all 

Our past is what we learn from, not dwell on. I 
have learned many things at FHS and won't 
forget those times in Mr. Moore's physics class 
debating with Roger, or being in Mr. Perry's AP 
calculus class. Activities: Tennis 1,2,3,4 


W ' 

f < 

"Sometimes your 
whole life boils down 
to one insane move." 
-Sake Sully (Avatar) 

I'd like to thank my family because I woul< 
be here without them. I also want to th; 
Mrs. Morand and Mrs. Thomas for helping 
throughout the years I've been here. Every 
I've met has helped shape me into who I 
today and I really would never change 
Activities: Quidditch 3,4 


Daniel Paul Thibault 

"I don't want to be a 
person with full hands, 
resting from dreams, 
but a person full of 
dreams, unable to rest 
his hands." 

Thanks to all my teachers, family, and friends 
for making my high school experience one that 
I will never forget. 

"Be more concerned 
with your character 
than with your 
reputation. Your 
character is what you 
really are, while your 
reputation is merely 
what others think you 

Special thanks to the baseball team; it's been a 
great four years. Thank you to all my friends for 
making these years so much fun. Lastly, thank 
you to my family for encouragement over these 
past four years, and to the Class of 2012; WE 
MADE IT! Activities: Baseball 1,2,3,4; Golf 4; 
National Honor Society 3,4 


Acacia Regine Thomas 

Waka Flaca 

"I'm good, I'm Gucci!" 

Geneva Chadel Thomas 


First, I'd like to shout out to 'Team Honda.' You 
already know what it is. My time here at FHS 
has been wild, but it's time to move on. 'Big 
things popping, HI' things stopping!' #Yawaaa 


"All I want to do is 

Mom, thanks for all you have done for me. I 
could not have done it without you. I also want 
to thank DP, YR, KD, JE, CB. Activities: Senior 
Prom 4 

Jordan Kimberly Thomas 

"There are far better 
things ahead than any 

we leave behind." 
High school has been 
an unforgettable exp- 
erience. I want to 
thank my parents and 
Hannah. If it weren't 
I you guys don't know where I would be. I 
o want to thank all my friends who have 
/ays been there. These past four years have 
t me with people and memories I can't 
get: Rockers, 789, UDs, Wolf Pack, BD 
{leyball, JB, SO, MP, KB, MP, and so many 
ire! Good luck and congrats Class of 2012! 
ivities: LHS: Student Council 1; Volleyball 
; Softball 1,2 FHS: Volleyball 3,4; Softball 3,4 

Lisa Anne Torgersen 



"We promise each 
other it's 'til the end." 
I have to say these last 
four years have been 
the most frustrating, 
stress-ful, drama-filled 
years of my life; but I 
wouldn't change it for 
anything. To all my friends who got me to 
where I am today, NH, RO, NA, AP, AB, RR, SK, 
JD, and to Mr. Twomley: I couldn't have done it 
without you. Thanks to my family and teachers 
for never giving up on me and, finally, to FHS 
for all the amazing memories! Activities: 
Cheerleading 1,2,3,4; Indoor/ Outdoor Track 
1,2,3,4; Student Council 1,2,3,4 (V.P.: 3 
President: 4); Class Council: 2,3,4 

Amari Liz Toledo 

"Dios concedeme la 
serenidad para aceptar 
las cosas que no puedo 
cambiar, valor para 
puedo, ysabiduria para 
reconocer la 

My future plans are to graduate from high 
school and become a pediatric nurse. The 
people who have been a positive influence in 
my life are my mom, my grandmother, sisters, 
brother, and especially Mr. Garcia, Mrs. Abreu 
and Mrs. Rivera. To all my friends, I wish you 
good luck! Activities: Da Vinci Cafe 3,4; MCAS 
Pathways 3; MCAS Works 3 

Dayana Lee Torres 


"My life is better left to 
chance; I could've 
missed the pain but 
then I would've had to 
miss the dance." 

First off I would like to thank God, my loving 
parents, my lovely siblings, my main KM, AM, 
and everyone else who has helped me get to 
where I am now. This has been a long journey 
but the best is yet to come. 

Derek Abigail Torres 

Dominic Michael Traini 


"I'm here for a good time, 
not a long time." 

These four years of high school have been one 
of the best experiences of my life. Thanks to 
Ms. Hirons, Mr. Rojas, Mr. Pierce, Ms. Abreu 
and my parents. Also thanks to my friends, JE, 
YR, JC, TR, MD, RR, and LR. Couldn't have done 
it without you guys. Good luck to everyone and 
congratulations 2012!! 

See you later!! 

Cameron Richard Tucker 

Marianne Albimar Uzcategui 

Had some great times with the 'Goon Squad' 
but the 'bromance' will never die. AG, TA, OC! 
Activities: Soccer 1,2,3,4; Interact Club 3,4; 
National Honor Society 4; Kimball Farm 3,4; 

"Life is good." 

I want to thank all my teachers, my mom,; 
stepfather, and my grandmother; they 
helped me through these years. If it weren' 
them, I wouldn't have been able to make 
my senior year. I am really going to miss 
and all my teachers and friends. Activities: 
Century 3,4; Special Olympics 1,2,3,4 


Jennifer Vicioso Reyes 

"If I have seen further, it 
is by standing on the 
shoulders of giants." 
-Sir Issac Newton 

The memories I made 
here will last me a lifetime and I will never 
forget the people I made them with. Mom, 
Grandma and Dad: Love you more than 
anything. Thanks to everyone who helped me 
get to where I am today. I'm going to miss this 
so much but it's time for bigger and better 
things! XOXO 2012! Activities: Field Hockey 1; 
Outdoor Track 1,2; Indoor Track 3,4; Volleyball 
2; Health Careers Club 3,4; Yearbook 4 


"Don't give up, and 
fight for your dreams." 

I came to the USA in 
2009 without any 
English skills or friends. 
However, I found two 
wonderful people, Mrs. 
Abreu and Mr. Garcia who helped me in 
everything. I am so grateful to have met them 
and I don't know what I would have done 
without them. Thanks; I will never forget you. I 
want to tell every ESL student: Fight for your 
dreams! Don't give up or be shy; ask for help if 
you need it. Find someone who can help 
because we are here for a better life so show 
everyone that you can do it! 


Courtney Lynn Vieira 

Hannah Marie vonderHaff 

"We'll all float on." 

Thank you to everyone who was there in the 
end. You made high school worthwhile. 

"A heart that loves is 
forever beautiful." 

High school was all 
I ever wanted it to be 
and more. I created 
great friendships and 
accomplished goals I never thought I could. All 
the decisions i made put a smile on my face 
and that's all that matters. XO! FamlLY, always. 
Shout outs to my sister Kelsey Morales and my 
best friends for keeping me sane! <3 Special 
thanks to Mr. D., and good luck to all my 12's! 
Activities: Yearbook Editor 3,4; Cheerleading 
1,2,3,4; Cheerleading Captain 4 , Market Basket 


Choua Yang 

"That's not your name 
you hear me calling out 

my window at night. 
Your name just sounds 
like all the things I hate 

and people I spite." 

y positive, ZSJN, DZ, and TC! 

r 1 


"It's not how good you 
are, it's how bad you 
want it." 

Yay! My high school years are finally over.. 
Congrats to the class of 2012! I had fun with my 
homies in school. Special thanks to MY, SY, PY, 
AY, KG and CHMV <3. Love you guys! Go Ace 
Queenz! Activities: Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Volleyball 
Captain 2,3,4; Tennis 2,3,4; Multicultural Club 
1,2,3,4; Homework Club 1,2,3,4; Yearbook 4 

La >•» 

Matthew Yang 

Kidd-Matty, Matty Yaj 


"You choose the path 
you want to take. Lead 
your own path and 
experience life as it 
comes. Success only 
depends on you!" 
-Matthew Yang 

Life is too short, therefore I live life to the 
fullest! Shout outs to all my family and friends! 
'And where's the party at?! Because I'm fly like 
a G6I' Activities: Multicultural Club 1,2,3; 
Homework Club 2,3,4 

Sunny Yang 

"Never give up, but 
have faith in yourself. 

Though there are 
obstacles in your way, 
there are always 
solutions to your 

Thanks to my family, friends and staff for 
supporting me during my freshman to my 
senior year, especially my two 'bestest' cousins, 
Choua Yang and Matthew Yang, and my 
'bestest' friend Pong Lor, for the support and 
courage you gave me through these four years. 
Can't wait to graduate with ya'H! Go 2012!!! 

/, Toni Onikeku, leave my high jump legacy to Aisha Mathieu and leadership of the Shnee fam. to Connor. 
I, Hannah VonderHaff, leave the football program to Jake Veilleux and Caleb Neilon... Hope you liked those packets! 
I, Joshua Jenness, leave my pillow polo legacy to the next generation of greatness. 

I, Danielle Maloughney, leave my crazy music talents to the next person who loves music as much as I do. 
I, Lisa Torgersen, leave my everlasting presence in Mr. Twomley's office to the next aspiring news broadcaster. 
I, Tyler Robar, leave the wolf pack to my boy Ant DiPrima. 
I, Bria Lynn Pichette, leave my witty outlook on life to Jack Bristow Reynolds. 

I, Christine Heon, leave my fashion of sweats to the next person who doesn't want to get dressed in the morning. 
I, Olivia Carbone, leave behind all my AP work to students in AP Bio. working their lives away. 
I, Kaylee Blackston, leave my coffee-spilling skills to the next blond girl who enjoys coffee as much as I do. 
I, Alexis Dellogono, leave my shoulder-tapping sarcasm to the next sly dog. 
I, Samantha Bonanno, leave my yoga pants, Uggs, and sweatpants to all the girls that need their sleep in the morning! 
I, Danielle Jacques, leave forgetting everything at the wrong house to the next person with divorced parents. 
I, Carlos Garcia- Rivera, leave my failure to make good decisions to the next freshman with a loss of brain cells. 
I, Ashley Kemembin, leave my #13 volleyball jersey to Valentina Maronas. 
I, Khadijah Butkiewitz, leave my strive to change for the better to my friends in the Class of 2013. 
I, Dayanna Torres, leave my coffee roll addiction to the next person who is as hungry in the morning as I am. 
I, Karla Mendez, leave my wandering to the next person who is as bored as me and wants to roam the school. 
I, Katie Harnden, leave my 'play to win' ability to Madeline Madison. 
I, Kelsey Morales, leave Fitchburg High School cheerleading to Mariah Comeau. 

/, Daniel Ingemi, leave my comedic talent to the next wise guy at FHS. 

I, Jose Lara, leave my spirit to whomever doesn't care about the drama. 

I, Hannah Jaye, leave my special breaks to the one and only Mrs. Cayer. 

I, Daniel Gonzalez, leave my 'snappleicious' juice to Brooke Carlson. 

I, Lianna Boulay, leave my permanent markers to the next student who feels the need to give themselves a new tattoo every day. 

I, Shanice Baldwin, leave my dancing to anyone that knows how to party. 

I, Rachael Marrella, leave all the FHS cheering responsibilities to Danielle Chace. Good luck. 

I, Roxy Kurtz, leave my strength and sanity to everyone who may need it to make it through the rest of high school. 

I, Devante Codrington, leave my love for music to the next person who wants to give FHS a taste of great music. 

I, Kalina Philalom, leave my reputation as the loud, crazy, adventurous, social butterfly, to my cousin, whom I love very much, 
and Jasmine Thammalangsy. 

I, Paola Ramos, leave my honesty to the next person who isn't afraid to voice their opinions. 

I, Katarina Salqfia, leave my tardiness to anyone that likes to sleep in as much as I do. 

I, Hannah Scott, leave my license to Ian VonderHaff 

I, Nico Marrone, leave my luscious locks to Kalvin Cavaco. 

I Anibal Junior Dejesus-Gonzalez, leave my outspokenness to the next student who is different than everyone else. 

I Damary Pinto, leave my crazy personality to the next person that needs to break out of their shell and be heard. 

I, Arianne Bourgault, leave my devotion! addiction to cross country and track to Kirstie Harnden and all the others who share 
our passion for the sport. 

I, Keiko Gammel, leave my #4 varsity field hockey jersey to my lovely cousin Kylee Lawrence. 

I, Tassia Cucchiara, leave the art room in all of its glory to Colton Matthews and Ian VonderHaff. 

I, Jerome Dugas, leave all my pick up lines to the next senior who aims to be labeled 'class flirt. ' 

'aley McNamara, leave my 'un-undefeated season to the next team that decides not to win a game. 

I, Rebecca Rousseau, leave Mrs. Cayer's super-sized order of girl scout cookies to the next girl scout who wants to 'schlep' 
them around. 

I, Chelsea Mulcahy, leave my most prized possessions to the students who have not received these blessings. 
I, Emily St. Germain, leave my abundance of hair products and appliances to the next girl aspiring to win best hair. 
I, Robert O'Kane, leave my homemade lunches to the next kid who doesn't like school lunch. 
I, Savannah Alansky, leave my flower decals to anyone in hopes of winning worst car. 
I, Cheryl Reyes, leave my excellent attendance to the next girl who always comes to school and is never late 

Captain Eric Myles 

What will you remember most about the 

"Playing my last year of high school football 
with my little brother." 

Captain Tyler Robar 

Do you have a good luck charm? 

"Double socks baby!" 

V - ■ V 7 

Upper Left: The offense 
gets ready to go against 

Right: Eric Myles looks 
for the green light to 

Lower Left: Connor 
Lemieux gives the team 
his command. 


Eric Comeau 

Who is the most unforgettable person on the 

"Tommy Duong because that kid is so crazy 
on the field." 

Jeff Fanelli 

What was your most memorable moment? 

"My final kick freshmen year when the ball 
went through the legs of the Leominster 


^\ riTCHBffRc JS 

9 H i 

Josh Jenness 

What will you remember most about the 

"Coming back for senior year to play with a 
my 2012 teammates." 

FHS Football Team 

First Row: Dylan DiGeronimo, Toni Onikeku, Anthony Dellogono, Tyler Robar, Joshua Jenness, 
Eric Myles, Eric Comeau, Ricardo Matta, Aaron Philips, Mikey Reardon, Jeff Fanelli 
Second Row: Quy Tran, Brett Bourne, Zach Crooks-Stroker, Sebastian Dalmaud-Belmonte, Cedric Robinson, 

Jerome Dugas, Jose Cabrera, Quinton Perkins, Charles Doss 
Third Row: Eric Tran, Dimitri Brasilli, Kelvin Rivera, Connor Lemieux, Tommy Duong, Berny Platel, CJ Jones, 
Jeff Valliere, Kendrick Fields, Dazaa Phommatham 
Fourth Row: Diosmar Reynoso, Samuel Aviles, Greek Rosado, Jake Veilleux, Jaquan Reed, Mike Troche, 
Christian Loureiro, Shawn Bjurling, Hiram Boddie 
Fifth Row: Matt Keep, Hunter Sallila, Jose Marrero, David Malave, Leon Wilson, Ben Tompkins, Jonathan Ruiz, Tre Hardy 
Sixth Row: Gaston Pastorino, Julio Gonzales, Raymond Williams, Tony Duong, Abbi Bambose, Anthony DiPrima 

Above: Coach Cosenza and Q goofing around as usua 
Left: Captain Tyler Robar assumes the snapping 


Right: Q simply doing what he does best! 

quinton Kenans 

Who is the most unforgettable person on 
the team? 

"My brother, Jose Cabrera. He's always 
had my back and never let me down. 
We've been through so much on and off 
the field." 


What was the most memorable moment in 
the locker room? 

"When I got taped to the bench 
freshman year." 


Dylan DiGeronimo 

What was the best nickname given to a 

"Shawn Bjurling got the nickname Winslow 
because he looks like the mouse from Cat 

Anthony Dellogono 

What was the most memorable game 
you played in? 

"Leominster game freshmen year, 
because I got my pick-six." 

Jose Cabrera 

Who is the most unforgettable person on the 

"One person I would never forget is my 
brother/best friend Quinton Perkins for always 
leaving it on the field and having my back since we 
were little kids." 

Cedric Robinson 

What pre-game rituals do you have? 

"I blast my IPOD, and bump to OFWGKTA; 
Tyler, The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, and 
Mellow Hype." 

Running back Dimitri Brasili goes head to head with a 
Shrewsbury lineman. 

V * 

Q-Works does his thing as he evades a 
Shepherd Hill defender. 

Sebastian Delmaund- 

What will you remember most about 
the team? 

"Coach my knee!!!!!!" -CJ 

Zach Crooks-Stroker 

How has being on the team helped you? 

"It's helped me lose weight and get in 

Julian Gittens zips down the 


Jerome Dugas 

What will you miss most about the sport? 

"All of my brothers." 

Toni Onikeku boots one down 

Quarterback Connor Lemiuex pulls Freshman Nik Myles steps up to the 
back for a long shot. plate. 

Alexis Dellogono 

Kelsey Morales 

Rachael Marrella 

What will you miss most about 
this sport? 


What pre-game rituals do you 

Fitchburg Jade, every Friday, 
before games, with Hannah 

What is the funniest thing that 
happened this season? 

"Sit down right now!" 

Coaches Dustin and Alyssa take one last picture with senior captains, Hannah 
VonderHaff, Alexis Dellogono, Rachael Marrella and Kelsey Morales. 

The football players and cheerleaders 
come together to celebrate a great win! 


FHS Cheerleading Squad 
Back Row: Alaza Merrill, Kayanna Merrill, Christine Douai, Mary Shaw, 

Emily McManus, Tonique Lewis, Emily Lussier, Aisha Mathieu 
Middle row: Jenny Duong, Allison Lussier, Jazlyn Leger, Mariah Comeau, 
Colton Mathews, Danielle Chace, Erica Sandrelli, II liana Cremer 
Front Row: Lisa Torgersen, Hannah VonderHaff, Rachael Marrella, Kelsey Morales, 
Danielle Jacques, Kelsey Morales, Alexis Dellogono 

Left: Mariah 
Comeau hits a 
liberty with 
Right: Jazyln 
Leger gets her 
game face on 
as she waits to 
perform the 
'Raiders Rule' 

What was your most 
embarrassing moment? 

"When I fell tumbling in front 
of everyone at a home game 
sophomore year." 

Danielle Jacques 

Who is the most unforgettable 
person on the team? 

"Alaza, she always makes me 
laugh and feel better!" 

Left: Kelsey 
Morales nails 

scorpion at 

Right: Lisa 
gets ready to 
dance up a 

Lisa Torgeson 

What will you remember most 
about the team? 

"Our team sleepovers and the 
inside jokes that will last us a 

Left: The varsity girls 
celebrate after their 
win against the rival 
Blue Devils. 

Right: Captains 
Janessa Crowley and 
Keiko Gammel 

Keiko Gammel 

Janessa Crowley 


What was your most memorable 

"Beating Leominster my senior 
year on our home field. Best 
feeling in the world!" 


What will you remember most 
about the team? 

"Whitney and her ridiculous nicknames 
for everyone." 

Left: Khiana Pierce 
dominates and dribbles 
up the field. 

Right: The field hockey 
team bonds together 
after scoring on the Blue 

FHS Field Hockey Team 

Back Row: Coach Emiline LaPointe, Miranda Prentiss, Melissa Dobblestejin, Morgan Cooper, 
Hannah Lemieux, Cayla Crank , Kylee Lawrence, Kaylee Blackston, Alexi Rosado, 
Kayla Berhouet, Coach Dipilato-Lamey 
Front Row: Emily Oja, Khiana Pierce, Grace DiFrancesco, Janessa Crowely, Kaitlin Harnden, 
Whitney Payton, Keiko Gammel, Promisy Vazquez, Bryanna Morey, Samantha Benoit 

What was the funniest thing 
that happened this season? 

"Our aggressive game of 
clump. Michelle plays to win." 

Who got hit the hardest? 

"Whitney -every time she 

Sophomore Bryanna Morey takes 
charge and takes a block for the ball. 

How has being on the team 
helped you? 

"It has helped me learn how 
to juggle sports and school 
and work and manage my 
time better." 

Kaitlin Harnden 

Kaylee Blackston 

Kayla Berhouet 

Vincent Scaficchia 

What pre-game rituals do you 

"Fifaat Cam Newton's!" 

Team Captains Timothy Arno and Vincent 
Scaficchia with Coach Ryan 'Stets' LeBlanc. 

Timothy Arno 

What pre-game rituals do you 

"I would always take a nap. On 
the field if I had to." 

FHS Boys' Soccer Team 

Back Row: Justin Rivers, Carlos Rodriguez, Nicholas Kosmidis, Alex Easley, Erik Bennett, Kevin Ring, Eric 

Beaudette, Christian Pineda, Abramo Gianetti, Emmanuel Sanchez, Francis Mandaa 
Front Row: Isaac Neilson, Timothy Arno, Matthew Nguyen, Jesse Dobbelsteijn, Vincent Scaficchia , Jason 
Fenner, Dennis Zambrano, Michael Bragg, Quin Cavaco, Darran Lee 

Left: Tim Arno flashes into 
action to provide strong 

Right: EJ Sanchez cuts the ball 
around the defenders. 

Matt Nguyen sprints for 
the ball. 

Bram Gianetti goes in for a 

Bram Gianetti comes in close 
Dntact with a Blue Devil while 
stealing the ball. 

What was your most 
unforgettable moment? 

"The game we lost." 

Alex Easley goes for a long shot 

Who is the most unforgettable 
person on the team? 

"Alex Zins; he's loud, and he is a 
core member of our defense. 
Whether on the field or not he 
never got down on our team. And 
of course, his impressive red card 
against Lunenburg..." 

Vinnie Scaficchia passes the ball 
up field. 

What pre-game rituals do you have? 

What will you miss most about 
"The team and I go back to my house the sport? 

and watch 'Bend It Like Beckham' 

before every game." "Practicing with the guys." 

Eric Beaudette 

Erik Bennett 

Justin Rivers 

Jesse Dobbelsteijn 

Tim Arno shows off his fancy 

Erik Bennett uses some outside 
foot action. 

Alex Easley aggressively covers a 
Leominster offender. 

What was your most 
memorable moment? 

"When I scored off a free kick, 
25 yards out." 

Do you have a good luck charm? 

"It's silly but I put two rubber 
bands on my left cleat." 

What was your most memorable 

"The goal I scored against 

What pre-game ritual do you 

"Getting free Junior Frosties!" 

Abramo Gianetti 

E.J. Sanchez 

Michael Bragg 

Matt Nguyen 

Alex Easley 

Cameron Tucker 

Victor Ramos 

What was your most memorable 

"Oakmont, because we almost 


Erik Bennett uses his blazing speed to 
defend his opponent. 

( *\ 

What was a moment you'll never 

"Tearing my ACL." 


Vinnie Scaficchia keeps his soccer face 
on after he heads the ball. 

Left: Francis Mandaa 

dribbles past the 
opposing team for a 

Right: Abramo Gianetti 
gives it his all to kick 
that ball. 

What will you remember most about 
the team? 


Abramo Gianetti quickly sneaks past an 
opposing defender. 

Alexis Landfried 

Chelsea Mulcahy 

Haley McNamara 

What will you remember most about 
the team? 

"That even though we couldn't win we 
all still managed to have fun." 

Haley McNamara stays focused to get her 
team a goal. 

What will you remember most about 
the team? 

"I will always remember how much 
fun we had and all the memories we 

Left: Samantha Alansky 
jukes her opponent. 

Right: Hannah Capone 
fights for the ball. 

Chelsea Mulcahy steals the ball away. 

What will you miss most about 
the sport? 

"I am going to miss Vick's man 
voice yelling at me to move up." 

Alexis Landfried fights for the ball. 

FHS Girls' Soccer Team 

Back Row: Samantha Alansky, Shania Therrien, Paige McNamara, Hannah Capone, Chelsea Mulcahy, Haley McNamara, 
Dayana Mondarano, Savannah Alansky, Coach Bourque-Silva 
Middle Row: Matti Phaneuf, Luisa Pena, Katie Smith, Meghan Boisvert, Julie Fluet, Kalli Brassard, Qiuritsha Velez 
Front Row: Camila Nunez, Victoria Porteiro-Cejas, Sidney Chalifoux, Joelle Less, Krystina Sweet, Alexis Landfried 

Haley McNamera pulls 
back for a far kick. 

What will you miss the most? Do you have a good luck charm? What was your most memorable game? 

"My most memorable game was our 
"I'm going to miss being with the team all "I wear my left shin guard on my right leg senior nignt against Leominister when we 

Samantha Alansky Hannah Capone Savannah Alansky 

Sammy Rutkowski 

What pre-meet rituals do you have? 

"Pasta dinners before every meet at 
different team members' houses." 

Jason Morehead 

What was your most memorable 

"The freshmen 'Runner Initiation Run' for 
cross country." 

Annie Bourgault 

What will you miss most about the 

'How close we are as a team. We're like 
brothers and sisters." 

Derek Blackington beasts 
through his home course. 

Annie Bourgault has only one 
thing in mind! 

Christine Fanning leaves 
everyone in the dust. 

Luis Aguero races through t 

FHS Boys' Cross Country Team 

Back Row: Coach Woods, Ezra Brice, Joshua LeShane, Connor Dufour, Jason Bugarin 
Front Row: Derek Blackington, Christian Capoccia, Luis Aguero Velette, Jason Morehead 

FHS Girls' Cross Country Team 
Front Row: Courtney Rouse, Chelsea Smith, Kirsten Harnden, Samantha Rutkowski, Arianne Bourgault, 
Back Row: Olivia Shea, Christine Fanning, Daphney Hilaire, 
Gabby Garcia, Melanie McNamara, Bethany Bourgault 

The team gets ready for the race! 

ibby Garcia breezes through 
the trail! 

iionnor Dufour and Joshua LeShane 
forge through the park as they finish 
the race. 

And they're off! Luis Aguero Ezra Brice works up a sweat 
and Jason Morehead get off while keeping a steady 
a good start. pace. 

Samantha Rutkowski goes for 
the gold! 

Connor Dufour and Joshua LeShane get 
pumped and do the butterfly stretch 
before the race. 

Choua Yang 

Ashley Kemembin 

What was the most memorable game you 
played in? 

"Our game versus Ayer High playing 
against my cousin, Angel Yang. It was 
always a blast playing with her." 

Senior Captain Ashley Kemembin, Head Captain 
Choua Yang and Junior Captain Aitnis Alvarez 

What was the funniest thing that happen! 
this season? 

"When Valentina dove on the floor and 
started dragging herself across the courti 
get the ball that had already fallen." 

Choua Yang and Aitnis Alvarez, after 
winning the game against 

Back Row: Coach Bolick, Ashley Kemembin, Aitnis Alvarez, Stephanie Atteridge, 
Jillian Fanelli, Jordan Thomas, Valentina Marones 
Front Row: Nicole Hagan, Brittany Rich, Nicole Adler, Choua Yang, Elizama Martinez, 
Haylie Heir, and Hannah Sorila 

Left: The varsity team 
gets ready to play 
against Ayer High on 
their last away game. 

Right: Nicole Hagan 
bumps the volleyball 
with style. 

Choua Yang plays excellent 
defense, as always. 

Aitnis Alvarez gives her best 
serve for the game. 

Nicole Adler goes for a powerful 




Ashley Kemembin sets up 
Jillian Fanelli. 

Jordan Thomas 

Nicole Hagan 

Nicole Adler 

Who is the most unforgettable person on 
the team? 

"The most unforgettable people are 
Nicole A. and Nicole H." 

What will you remember most about the 

"789! My bench buddy Val, Ella being 
splenda, me and Jordan's handshake, the 
King Buffet and the lock-in!" 

Left: Seniors Nicole Adler, 

Nicole Hagan, Jordan 
Thomas, Ashley Kemembin, 
and Choua Yang get 
together for a group 

Right: Choua Yang gets her 
groove on before the start 
of the game. 

What pre-game rituals do you have? 

"Heading to Burger King before home 
games with Nicole and Jordan. " 

Left: Nick Landry 
surveys the green to 
line up his next putt. 

Right: Drew DiGeronimo 
and the crew post up at 
the golf match at Oak 
Hill Country Club. 

Ben Swenor 

What was the most 
embarrassing thing that 
happened this season? 

"Scoring a 73." 

Daniel Thibault 

What was your pre-game 

"Hanging out with Zach Finn." 


4 W 

FHS Golf Team 

Coach O'Leary, Zach 
Peterson, Jonathan Legros, 

Drew DiGeronimo, Nick 
Landry, Austin Ellison, Zach 
Finn, Coach Dell 
Not Pictured: 
Danny Thibault, Ben 

Nick Landry 

What will you remember most 
about playing golf at FHS? 

"The awesome bus rides!" 



FHS/Monty Tech Hockey Team 

Back Row: Head Coach Steve Lowney, Coach Jim Brooks, Coach Pat Cormier, Kyle Johnson, Jason Bugarin, Devon Wagner, Drew 
DiGeronimo, Sam Miln, Connor Casacca, Zack Finn, Brad Cutting, Coach Casey McNally, Coach John Consolo, Coach Jim Brooks 
Front Row: Nick Chapman, Josh Emma, Brandon Alicea, Justin Doiron, Captian Eric Legere, Tom LeBlanc, Captian Korey Wilson, 

Chris Sandrelli, Kyle Peralta, Cory Paul, Katie Harnden. 

What is your most memorable 

"Beating Leominster for the first 
time in four years." 

The Raiders will do whatever it takes to stop a 
shot on goal. 

Kaitlyn Harnden 

The Raiders exhibit good sportsmanship after a 
solid victory. 

Chris Sandrelli crosses his 
opponent as he moves toward 
the goal. 

Drew DiGeronimo fires a 
laser shot between the 

The bench watches closely as the first line shows 
them how it's done. 

FHS Boys' Basketball Team 

Back Row: Coach Scott, Abiodun 
Akanni, Charles Doss, Head Coach 
Paul DiGeronimo, Saleem Kidd, 
Jeffery Fanelli, Coach Hennesey 

Front Row: Team Manager Quy 
Tran, Jose Hernandez, Elijah 
Jackson, Nihjae Perkins, Mick 
Snowden, Elijah Kukta, Quinton 
Perkins, Assistant Manager Julio 

Abiodun Akanni goes in strong for 
a lay up against a swarm of St. 
John's defenders. 

The seniors post up before the big game! 

Quinton Perkins 


Abiodun Akanni 

Who is your favorite opponent 
and why? 

"Every opponent is my favorite 
because it gives me the 
chance to compete." 

Who is your favorite opponent 
and why? 

"My favorite opponents are St. 
John's and any other Boston 
team because they are a 

Jeffery Fanelli 

What did you enjoy most about 
playing sports at FHS? 

"Playing games that matter 
with your boys (the people who 
have become your family)." 

"Q-works" lives up to his 
nickname while he puts 2 on the 
board for the Raiders! 

Do you have any pre-gam< 

"Bumpin'my WakaFlocka. 

Saleem Kidd 


Abi Akanni pulls up for a jumper 
in front of the St. Johns bench to 
show them how it's done. 

Saleem Kidd goes up for a dunk 
from far outside the lane. 

Elijah "Gegie" Kukta shows off his 
hops as he flies through two St. 
John's defenders. 

Senior captains, Abi Akanni and Quinton Perkins get 
Coach D. to feel like one of the boys! 

; M 

Coach D. gets serious during a time out. 

Jeff Fanelli gives a Blue Devil the business! 

Quinton Perkins showcases his 
speed as he drives the lane on a 
fast break. 

Eli Jackson focuses on the basket 
to make sure the lay up goes in. 

Charles "Buckethead" Doss lets it rain 
from downtown. 

Hannah Capone waits to give an 
amazing assist! 


Samantha Alansky 

Great play by Joelle Less! 

Hannah Capone 

What game was the most memorable 
for you? 

"The Lunenburg game when we went 
into overtime." 

Who is your favorite oppenent 
and why? 

"My favorite opponent is Leominster 
because we always play our hardest 
against them." 

FHS Girls' Basketball Tearr 

Back Row: Coach Derrick 
Bennett, Hannah Capone, 

Cassie Boddie, Hannah 
Goguen, Haley McNamara, 
Mary Shaw, Jillian Fanelli, 

Coach Meghan Donnelly , 

Front Row: Aaliyah 
Robinson, Savannah 
Alansky, Jackie Barry, 
Nakeeya Codrington, Joelle 1 
Less, Samantha Alansky 

Haley McNamara goes up for an 
easy lay up. 



Savannah Alansky 

Do you have a lucky charm? 

'I always wear a piece of red pre- 
wrapin my hair." 

Haley McNamara Hannah Goguen 

To be a team, you must be a family! 


FHS Boys' Indoor Track Team 

Back Row: Trey Mahone, Jose Marrero, Diosmar Reynoso Hernadez, Dante Spence, Peter Montalvo, Hunter Sallila, Ryain Maclean, 

Joshua Leshane 

3rd Row: Tommy Duong, Connor Dufour, Marcos Diaz, Zac Peterson, Tony Duong, Caleb Neilon, Malik William, Bradley Kane. 
2nd Row: Eric Tran, Darius Flowers, Berny Platel, Zakary LaRoche, Quinn Cavaco, Xavier Bailey, Bruce Johnson III 
Front Row: Andre Doolan, Sebastian Dalmaud Belmonte, Oluwatoni Onikeku, Connor Lemieux, Ezra Brice, Kelvin Rivera, Emmanuel 

Bamgbose, Leonardo Ramirez 

The amazing 
Oluwatoni Onikeku 
defies the laws of 

gravity as he 
crushes the 40- year 

old high jump 
record originally set 
by Dan McDermott 
in 1972! 

Nothing loo 
better on tra 
athletes thar 
fierce yello 
spandex and 

Peter Montalvo 

Do you have any superstitions before 
going into a game or meet? 

"I believe I perform better with a red 
bull and a protein bar." 

Sebastian Dalmaud-Belmonte 

What did you enjoy most about 
playing sports at FHS? 

"Always being around my 

Eric Myles 

What will you miss most about 
high school sports? 

"The memories and laughs we 
have as teammates on and off 
the field." 

Andre Doolan 

What was your biggest 
challenge in the 201 2 track 

"The extreme exhaustion 

after running the 300." 



Berny Platel has his eyes on the 



'ho was the most unforgettable 
person on your team? 

"Kelvin Rivera" 

Big Bad G Jones might have to 
retrieve this shot on Crocker 

Senior Captains: Sebastian Dalmaud Belmonte, Eric 
Myles, and Oluwatoni Temitope Alexander Odunayo 
Ajide Rapoluchukwu Onikeku, a.k.a. 'Prince Toni'! 

Peter Montalvo fights 'til the 


Oluwatoni Onikeku 

What was your biggest 
achievement of this season? 

"Breaking the 40 year old high 
jump record." 

Tommy Duong looks to impress the 
ladies with his great form. 

EricComeau brings the intensity to 
whole new level. 

Myles sends the shot-put flying 

Sebastian Dalmoud throws with 
everything he has. 

FHS Girls' Indoor Track Team 

Back Row: Coach DiPilato-Lamey, Dasia 
Aldarondo, Sandy Duong, Emily Lussier 
3rd Row: Courtney Rouse, Samantha Benoit, 
Ailynn Tiernan, Gabrielle Garcia, Stefanie Nieve? 
2nd Row: Caylin Rymph, Aisha Mathieu, Betharr 
Bourgault, Hannah Lemieux, Tanairi Valentin, 

Whitney Payton 
Front Row: Grace DiFrancesco, Lisa Torgersen, 
Arianne Bourgault, Kristene Haywood, Aitnis 

Annie Bourgault springs over the bar with all her might! 

Caylin Rymph puts it all on the line for the high jump 


Bethany Bourgault runs to the finish! 

No obstacle is too much for Lisa 

Grace DiFrancesco throws for the go 

Arianne Bourgault 

10 is your favorite opponent and 

Leominster, we always win." :) 



Lisa Torgersen 

Matrisha Boddie smokes her 


Aitnis Alvarez, Kristene Haywood, Arianne 
Bourgault, and Matrisha Boddie 

Hannah Lemieux sprints to the finish 

What was your biggest achievement of 
this season? 

"Finally beating my personal record." 

Andreana Robinson throws the 
shot put with ease. 

Left: Daphney Hilaire 
soars over the bar 
without breaking a 

Right: Grace DiFranceso 
bends over backwards 
for the win. 


f j IS* V 

Captain Tyler Robar 

Who was the most unforgettable 
person on your team? 

Captain Sebastian Dalmaud 

Who is your favorite opponent and 

"Leominster, because that is the team 
to beat." 

"Sebastian, he is the goofiest kid ever!" 

The team huddles with Coach Garcia to strategize. 


Herr makes every bump 

count. HI 

Captain Alex Easley 

What will you miss the most about 
high school sports? 

"Playing competitively." 

Matt Yang concentrates as he sets 
up for the serve. 


Left: Cedric Robinson and Kevin Diaz think volleyball is 

nothing to fool around about. 
Below: The team congratulates it's opponents after a 

hard-played game. 
Right: Matt Yang shows off how he really feels about 
the team's win. 

FHS Boys* Volleyball 

Coach Garcia, Kevin Diaz, 

Sebastian Dalmaud, Alex 
Easley Tyler Robar, Christian 

Marcial, Cedric Robinson, 
Angel Cruz, Richard Lee, Zac 

Peterson, Matt Yang, Billy 

, / A ' * SB,' m +' ^ 

fill ^ * ■<§' £ 

;« s n <i, A ijz .?; < 

V 8 

Victor Sanchez 

i you have a lucky charm; if so 
what is it? 

es, my I <3 Zombie bracelet." 

Kevin Diaz 

What game was most memorable 
for you? 

"Winning every home gave against 


What will you miss most about 
being a part of a team? 

"Being a Red Raider!" 

Cedric Robinson 

What will you miss most about 

'Dolphin fights for taco meat!" 

What was your biggest 
achievement of the season? 

"Breaking a 40 year old school 

What did you enjoy most about 
playing sports at FHS? 

"The coaches and my teammates: I have 
built such good relationships with my 
coaches and made many friends over the 
years. Playing sports at FHS is something 
I will never forget." 

Who was the most unforgettable 
person on your team? 

"Coach Scott, his energy motivates 
all the distance runners." 

Erik Bennett 

Annie Bourgault doesn't let gravity keep her 
from snagging first place in the pole vault. 

Lisa Torgersen warms up for her 1( 
meter hurdle race. 

Annie Bourgault 


What meet was the most 
memorable meet for you? 

1y first meet vs. Wachusett my 
shman year. (The 800 Meter)." 

Left: Ezra Bryce catches speed as he heads for the sand pit. 
Center: Peter Montalvo clears the high jump bar with ease. 
Right: Janessa Crowley gets her 'Nike' on as she throws the 

FHS Girls' Track and Field Team 

Back Row: Whitney Payton, Sam Benoit, 

Kirsten Harnden, Grace DiFrancesco, 
Dasia Aldarondo, Courtney Rouse, Andy 
Robinson, Coach Scott, Coach DiPilato- 

Middle Row: Jazlyn Leger, Bryanna 
Morey, Eva Robichaud, Ailynn Tiernan, 
Gabby Garcia, Hannah Lemieux, Renee 

Saddler, Aiesha Mathieu, Mitchell 

Front Row: Annie Bourgault, Morgan 
Cooper, Julie Fluet, Lisa Torgersen, 
Janessa Crowley, Elizabeth Hill, Sandy 
Duong, Shaneeya Daughtry 

Lisa Torgersen 

Peter Montalvo 

Luis Delos Santos 


Do you have any pre-meet 

"I believe I perform better with 
a Red Bull and a protein bar." 

What was your biggest 
acheivement this season? 

"Losing all my fat in the belly!" 

What will you miss most about 
being part of a team? 

"I'm going to miss always having 
someone there for you when you 
need help because that's what a 
teammate is for." 

Below Left: Due Ngo watches the ball fly after his serve. 
Below Right: Ben Swenor sets himself up for success. 

Justin Belli sets up for a 
serious swing during a play 
at FHS. 

Kenny Ha 

Justin Belli 

Who is your favorite opponent and why? 
"Leominster, because we win." 


What was your biggest achievement 

this season? 

"Being able to see myself improve. Each 
day is just another piece of the puzzle 
coming together." 

Daniel Ingemi strikes the b 
with enthusiasm. 

Patrick Kelly 

What are you going to miss the most? 
"The bus rides." 

FHS Boys' Tennis Team 

Nick Landry, Justin 
Belli, Daniel Ingemi, 

Patrick Kelly, Kenny Ha, 
Benjamin Swenor, 

Jacob Bell, Coach Fuller 

You'll never catch Kenny Ha without 

Left: Ben Sweenor and Nick 
Landry may not win all their 
matches, but they always look 

Right: Senior Captain Justin 
Belli, Ben Swenor, Dan Ingemi, 
and Patrick Kelly look on while 
Nick Landry and Kenny Ha 
illustrate the idea that two 
men are, in fact, better than 

Nick Landry 

Benjamin Swenor 

Due Ngo 

Vho was the most unforgettable 
person on your team? 

"Dan the Man!" 

Daniel Ingemi 

Who is your favorite person to see 
after a victory? 

"What victory?" 

Do you have a lucky charm, if so 
what is it? 

"Yes, a pirate Lego." 

Who was the most unforgettable 
person on your team? 

"Justin Belli, The Trojan" 

Choua Yang 

Captain Nicole Adler 

Sara Campbell 

Wi "9- 

What is your lucky charm? 

"My dog tag that Chue Vang gave 

Kaylee Blackston winds up and 
gets ready to attack the ball. 

Megan Celona keeps her focus as 
she connects with the ball. 

Do you have a pre-game ritual? 

"At home games, all players gather 
together and do a countdown to 
open our new tennis balls." 

What was the funniest thing that 
happened to you this year? 

"When I fell after trying so hard to 
hit the ball. Shame!" 

Angelina DiReda playfully 
practices her backhand swing. 

The senior girls get together for one last group shot. 

Nicole Adler makes every return 

Sara Campbell puts it all in to her 

FHS Girls' Tennis Team 

Back Row: Sarah Campbell, Angelina 
DiReda, Sage Lucas, Kaylee Blackston, 
Caylin Rymph, Megan Johns, Caitlin 
Shepard, Coach Warren Moge 

Front Row: Bethany Bourgault, 
Emmanuella Demosthenes, Megan Celona, 
Choua Yang, Nicole Adler, Leilana Le, Xena 

Not Pictured: Alaina Valcourt, Katlyn 

Below Left: Emmanuella Demosthenes sets up to fire the ball 

back to her opponent. 
Below Right: Bethany Bourgault practices her balancing skills 
with the ball. 

Leilana Le shows off her 


Angelina DiReda 

What will you miss most about 

"The friends I have made and the 
bus rides!" 

Emmanuella Demosthenes Kaylee Blackston 

Do you have a pre-game ritual? 

"Before we start our matches we get 
in a circle and open our cans together 
and do a little pre-game cheer." 

Do you have any lucky 

"My pink tennis ball." 

Dan Thibault warms up his arm 
before the game. 

Tyler Dupuis follows through with 
a fast ball! 

Elvin Gonzalez 

Do you have a pre-game ritual? 

"I play wearing my gold chain. I pray 
and kiss my golden cross." 

Dylan DiGeronimo 

Who is your favorite opponent? 
"Leominster, the rivalry." 

Andre Doolan throws out the 
runner with ease. 

FHS Baseball Team 

Back Row: Joel Luna, Tyler Dupuis, Drew 
DiGeronimo, Dylan DiGeronimo, Daniel 
Thibault, Andre Doolan, Hector Martinez-Rivera 

Front Row: Darius Flowers, Christopher 
Sandrelli, Joseph George, Zachary Keating, Elvin 
Gonzalez, Timothy Burke, Dimitri Brasili 

Daniel Thibault 

What was your biggest 
achievement this year? 

"When I hit a homerun." 

Tyler Dupuis 

Timothy Burke 

Hector Martinez-Rivera 

What game was the most 
memorable for you? 

"The last game of the season 
freshman year, I started on 
varisty and pitched the whole 
game to win 3-2." 

Who is your favorite opponent? Do you have any pre-game rituals? 

"Leominster, because they are 
always the biggest challenge." 

"Wearing my Phiten USA Titanium 

Do you have any baseball 

"Never, ever, touch the foul 
line on purpose." 

Left: Tim Burke is a 
ball magnet at 
second base. 

Hector Martinez 
dances around 
home plate to 
catch a fly ball. 

lera as he 
les safely 
to third! 

Left: Coach Dan Roy 
arrives in style for the 

Right: The Senior 
baseball players post 
up for one last pic! 

Above: Tyler Dupuis dives to make highlight-reel play. 

Below: Coach DiGeronimo, Dylan and Drew take a 
moment for a family photo. 

Hannah Capone eyes the ball for the 
furocious hit! 

Alexis Dellogono and Kayla Caban jump for 
joy for softball season. 

FHS Softball Team 

Back Row: 
Head Coach Dupuis, 
Stephanie Atteridge, 
Hannah Capone, Kaitlin 
Harnden, Jordan Thomas, 
Aitnis Alvarez, Coach 
Murray, Coach Thibault 

Front Row: 
Alexis Dellogono, Michaela 
Sarasin, Miranda Prentiss, 

Kayla Caban, Janelle 
Forgues, Luzairy Diaz, Joclyn 

'Can't touch the 3rd baseline; 
it's bad luck." 

Who was the most 
unforgettable person on your 

"Miranda Prentiss, she 
always kept us laughing!" 

Kaitlin Harnden 


What was the funniest thing 
that happened to you this 

"Table topping." 

Marianne Uzcategui 

FHS Unified Track Team 

Joshua Jenness 

What did you enjoy most about 
playing sports at FHS? 

"Doing track and meeting new 

Back Row: Jason Fenner, Elijah Kukta, Shaquille Fowler, Steven Cascio, 
Matt Keep 

Third Row: Christian Rivera, Graciela Gil, Brian Cote, and Otoniel 

Second Row: Jakyla Howard, Marianne Uzcategui, Kassandra Rivera, 

Chellsy Phaneuf, Lia Yang, Miranda Acosta 
Front Row: Frantz Desir, Edward Hirst, Samuel Williams, Josh Jenness 

Marianne Uzcategui and Edward Hirst look 
determined as they head to their next event 

What will you miss most about 
being a part of this team? 

"Having the opportunity to 
volunteer and get involved with 
such a great group of kids." 

Graciela Gil gets some last minute 
pointers from Elijah Kukta. 

Above: Frantz Desir takes a lap in 

Right: Otoniel Reyes-Perez and 
Jason Fenner warm up before the 

An exhausted Chellsy Phaneuf cools 
down with Jakyla Howard. 

Left: Head Coach Minnucci leads 
Frantz Desir to the next event. 
Below: Samuel Williams shows 
perfect form. 

Devante Codrington, Eric Comeau, EJ Sanchez, 
Abiodun Akanni, and Elvin Gonzalez get pumped up 
for the football game! 

Some 1 2's show their spirit and Raider 

Seniors decorate the 2012 wall for tn 
first pep rally. 

Sunny Yang 
Erik Bennett 

Morehead, ar 
Kenny Ha ar ^ 
ready to 
defend us 
against our 


Dufour, Annii 
and Eric 
Beaudette | 
support thei* 
fellow Raideij 
at the hocke 


spy with my little eye the senior class having a fantastic time! 

Jordan Thomas is all smiles 
before the game. 


mmanuel Sanchez is the definition of 
school spirit! 

Japsimar Echevarria stops to 
give us a good picture. 

Nina Alley shows off her favorite sign. 

Merrick Henry raps his heart out for the 
Raider fans. 

Right: Choua Yang prepares to 
represents her team, 'Ace Queenz'. 
Below: Rachael Marrella and Kelsey 
Morales represent 'Cheer Central 
Stormz' and 'Pro Athletics' 

Left: Sam Hanson competes in India 
at the 'DCI World Championships.' 
playing the baritone. 
Below: Kaylee Blackston performing 
'The Nutcracker' poses as the sugai 
plum fairy, with 'Ingrid Lahti's Scho 
Of Dance.' 

Josh Champagne smiles after 
being awarded scouting's 
highest honor. 

Dylan DiGeronimo proudly poses for a picture at the 
'Harvard Club' in Boston after accepting the 'Harvard Book 

Andrew King proudly displays 
his eagle scout awards. 

Lisa Torgersen poses gracefully 
on stage at 'Kathy Roy's School 
Of Dance' recital. 

Rebecca Rousseau hits the pose 
hard at the 'Dancers, Inc. Dance 
Competition' with 'Miss. Tanya's 
School of Dance.' 

Olivia Carbone expresses her love for 
dance as she leaps under the lights 
at 'American Dance Awards' with 
'The Dance Center.' 

». I «a| 

Samantha Bonanno reaches in ar 
arabesque as she competes at Th« 
NYC Dance Alliance' competition 
with 'The Dance Center.' 

Josh Jenness gets a few last minute 
pointers from Mr. D. as he makes the 
the shot! 

The Fitchburg High School Special Olympics Team gets 
ready for an eventful day! 

Hannah Capone and Marianne 
Uzcategui pose for a picture in 
between events. 

Emily Dickey 

Who is the most unforgettable 
person on the team? 

"Coach D. He trained me to be 
good at shot put." 

Ontonelle Perez demonstrates a 
perfect follow through as he 
throws the shot put. 

FHS Special Olympic Team 

Back Row: Gilberto Quinones-Pellot, Joshua Jenness, Rachael 
Marrella, Abiodun Akanni, Katie Harnden, Anthony Dellogono, 
Dylan DiGeronimo 
Front Row: Marianne Uzcategui, Emily Dickey, Hannah 
VonderHaff, Alexis Dellogono, Hannah Capone 

Marianne Uzcategui 

What was your most 
memorable moment? 

"Winning the medals!" 

Emily Dickey puts everything on 
the line in the shot put. 

Miranda Prentiss, Kassandra Rivera, Naideisha 
Robledo and Madeline Moison display their 
medals after a solid win. 

"-fad, n 

October 11, 1911 

Mass meeting; big noise; lots 
of spirit shown. 

February 14, 1912 

Track practice. 
Great spirit shown! ! ! 





Brianna Malave, Toni 0., Yolima Robertson, Luis Delos Sam Alansky, Hannah Capone, Savannah Alansky and 

Santos and Laura Fermin Chelsea Mulcahy 

ight: Nico Marrone and Emily St 

Below: Angelina DiReda and 
Nicole Adler 

Sam Bonanno and Olivia Carbone 

Left: Justin 
Rivers and 

and Tyler 


Ricky Matta and Lanisha Smith 


Tyler Begnoche 

Left: Keiko Gammel and Jerome 

Above: Nina Alley and Josh 

Alexis Dellogono and Dylan DiGeronimo 

Left: Hannah 
Scott and 

Right: David 
King and 

Chris Howe 

Victor Ramos 

Least Likely to 
Grow Up 

Most Musical 

tallest and 

Sam Hanson and Bria Pichette 

Tyler Robar and Ashley Cordio Saleem Kidd and Yolima Robertson 

Drama King 
and Queen 

Most Changed 

Danielle Jacques and Bryan Suomala 



Lionel Ngindi and Cara Lombard 

Teachers pet 

Troy Davis and Rachael Marrella 


Nicole Hagan and Jamal Gray 

Meredith Patterson and Nathan Grossi 

Robert O'Kane and Angelina DiReda 

Class Clown 

Biggest Blonde 

Damary Pinto and Timothy Arno 

Most Sarcastic 

Samantha Bonanno and Carlos Garcia 

Best Dressed 

Ashley Cordio and Vinnie Scaficchia 

Kelsey Morales and Christian Rodriguez 

Nicest Smile 

Kalina Philalom and Matthew Nguyen 

Most Athletic 

Toni Onikeku and Hannah Capone 



Lianna Boulay and David King 

Dylan DiGeronimo and Alexis Dellogono 


Life of the Party 

Damary Pinto and EJ Sanchez Sara Campbell and Nik Saari 

Class Flirt Most Likely to best laugh 

Jerome Dugas and KeikoGammel SUCCEED Josh Jenness and Nina Alley 

Class Couple 

Lanisha Smith and Ricardo Matta 


WWE Champions 

Best Eyes 

Pat Gowdy and Lauren Smith 

Ashley Cordio and Tyler Robar 

Hannah Goguen and Justin Rivers Nico Marrone and Emily St.Germain 

Matthew Nyugen, Lionel Ngindi and Victor] 
Ramos are young, fresh and fly! 


The Class of 201 2 goes crazy for the camera! 

Rachael Marrella and Alexis Lisa Torgeson and Nicole Hag; 
Dellogono take a tumble. look too cool to break a swea I 

Clara Greiner and Nina Alley are all 
dressed up with no place to go. 

Samantha Bonanno digs Macho Men 
like Tyler Robar! 

Annie Bourgault, known distance 
runner, puts in work for 2012! 

Bria Pichette, Sam Hanson, Josh Champagne, 
Andrew King, and some former FHS students 
enthusiastically watch the race. 

Keiko Gammel's got some nervous 
giggles before her lap around the trac 


Dylan DiGeronimo and Hannah 
VonderHaff show off their killer smiles. 

Laura Fermin and Luis Delos Santos rock 
their 2012 tees! 

inah Capone and Savannah Alansky 
strike a sassy pose. 

Seniors continue the celebration after 
the race. 

Victor Ramos, and Peter 'The Bulldog' 
Perry. YIKES! 

Luz Mercado wears the perfect pair of 
kicks to match the batman theme. 

Hannah VonderHaff, Sam Bonanno and 
Anthony Dellogono flash their winning 

Kelsey Morales and Rachael Marrella strut 
their stuff while Jose Cabrera lingers in the 

Right: The 
Class of 201 2 

together for a 
final picture 
after the rock 
is completed! 

Left: Dylan 

survey the job 

*£'$»SV 1ft 

2012 makes its mark! 

Matt Nguyen and Rachael Marrella 
enjoy the picture perfect view of 

Sara Campbell, Alexis Dellogono, and 
Josh Jenness are all smiles. 

Brittany Jones and Bram Giannetti take a break from a\\ 
their hard work. 

America Ortega, Jake Boulanger,! 
and Nik Saari are feeling red and h 
gray all over! 

Hannah VonderHaff, Alex Easley, 
Eric Beaudette, and Due Ngo are all 
hands on deck! 

Daniel Gonzalez, Christine Heon, Luisa Pena, Paola Ramos, 
Hannah Capone, Chelsea Mulcahy, and Janessa Crowley 
are a helpful, handy bunch. 

Ricky Matta can't keep his eyes off 
Lanisha Smith. 

Nik Saari gives Alexis Dellogono two 
thumbs up for her gun show! 

Rachael Marrella, Kelsey Morales, and 
Olivia Carbone do an excellent job at 
avoiding a paint brush. 

yler Robar, Justin Belli, Due Ngo, and Nick 
andry bring painting to whole new level! 

Hannah Scott, Lauren Smith, Abby Locher, and 
Janessa Crowley pose for a quick picture after 

Alex Easley is caught red 

Dylan DiGeronimo, Anthony 
Dellogono, and Tim Burke are 
ready to get the job done. 



Mr. Roche 
takes part in 

his first 

1 iL.-^mi- 

The Class of 201 2 gathers for one last picture! 

These men look determined 
to pull some rope. 

Brianna Malave and Luis Delos 
Santos huddle up and talk 

Abiodun Akanni, Cedric Robinson, and Christian 
Rodriguez get caught having a blast! 

Luis Delos Santos and Yolima 
Robinson feel the love. 

The football team and faculty can't beat 'the 
toughest guys in town' a.k.a. the 2012 ladies! 

Mr. Pierce is clearly ready to go! 

Laura LeShane, Courtney Bouchard, and Mikaela 
Andrews take a break from the action. 

Cassandra Brisson and Lianna Boulay are 
partners in crime during the senior reception. 

5 f 

Darunie Andujar, Nicole Gentillela, 
Elizabeth Gauvin, and Megan Celona 
show off their pearly whites. 

f JrV * I ^ 



Paola Ramos and Daniel Gonzalez 
bundle up at the chilly senior reception. 

if J 


Kaylee Blackston, Janessa Crowley, Savannah 
Alansky, Sebastian Delmaud-Belmonte, Ms. 
Butterfield, and Chelsea Mulcahy take a quick 
break between games. 

Josh Medero, Cedric Robinson, and Berny 
Platel set up for a serious play. 

MVP Mayra Salome puts up a 
layup over a junior defender. 


Vinnie Scaficchia 

WW - 


Matt Nguyen 

Left: The senior 
squad poses for 
their final class 

Right: The juniors 
take the senior 
team a little too 

Elvin Gonzalez has his eye on the 
prize as he goes up for a layup. 

Devante Codrington goes up with 
confidence against a squad of junic 

Jose Cabrera steals the ball from K 
Collins as Eric Comeau defends! 

Kapree Green and Matt Yang box 
each other out during a free throw 


The Pillow Polo Champion Fyling Cougars: 
Anthony Dellogono, Andre Doolan, Eric 
Beaudette, Dylan DiGeronimo, Dan 
Thibeault, and Sebastian Dalmaud. 

Runner-Ups Dream Team: Bram Giannetti, 
Joe George, Jake Veilleux, Matt Nguyen, 
Zach St. Jean, and Vinnie Scaficchia. 

Third Place Optimus Grime: Brad Cutting, Tyler 
Robar, Robbie Peterson, Anthony Diprima, Josh 
Jenness, and Toni Onikeku. 

ic Comeau knows the definition 
sky's the limit as he reaches for 
the ball with 2 hands! 

Toni Onikeku shows Mr. 
Roche why he's the high 
jump record holder. 

Dylan DiGeronimo tosses up a 
floater over Demetri Brasili. 

Nick Landry, Justin Belli, and Erik 
Bennett pose for a picture between 

Jose Lara and Mr. Collins sky rocket 
for the ball during the Seniors vs. 
Faculty Game 

Josh Jenness and Toni Onikeku 
hope to repeat as champions. 

Rachael Marrella, Alexis Dellogono, and 
Hannah Goguen are ready to cheer on the 
pillow polo players! 


The Homecoming Court 
Jack Reynolds and Bryanna Morey, Luis Delos Santos and Laura Fermin, Annie Bourgault 
and Nick Landry, Kayla Caban and Angel Ramirez, Alexis Emery and Kelson Boyette 

Erik Bennett, Raider Kenny Ha, and Jason 
Moorhead, show their Raider spirit. 

Angel Ramirez and Kayla 
Caban, 2013's King and 

1£ - 

Left: Jason Moorehead and EJ 
Sanchez lead the senior class 
into Crocker Field. 

Right: Senior court members, 
Luis Delos Santos, Laura Fermin, 
Annie Bourgault and Nick Landry 

Elizabeth Fitzgibbons plays] 
the clarinet like a pro. 

The junior class shows some 
2013 spirit. 


Bryanna Morey and Jack 
Reynolds, 2014's King 
and Queen 

\_ ■ i v. i ■ i iv v — > vi i i vi i » 1 vi vj ■ v i- j vv* wuju u i v. 

getting swagged up for hat day. 

Left: Cool 
kids, Ashley 
match for 
twin day. 

Seniors get 
wild with 
crazy hair 


Sweethearts, Lanisha Smith and Ricky 
Matta, pose to perfection in their hats. 

Yearbook seniors gather outside to show off their 
school colors. 

Josh Jenness and Hannah 
VonderHaff flannel it up for twin 

Brett Bourne wears his new FHS football 
snap-back on hat day. 

Hannah Capone, Chelsea Mulcahy and 
Anthony Dellogono rock their favorite 
college colors. 

'Samurai Jack' prepares for battle 
against the evil emperor on 
Superhero Day. 

America Ortega, Chelsea Mulcahy, and 
Maria Valdez are ready for the rain. 

Seniors show their superiority on 
Superhero Day! 

Katie Kaanta and Mrs. Morand get 
'sassy' during spirit week. 

Seniors throw up the deuces and show some spirit at 
their last pep rally. 


— ^ 

Jose Cabrera and Zach Stroker 
seem to have the perfect 

Meredith Patterson, Laura Fermin, an. 
Anthony Dellogono enjoy a kodak 

Alicia Membrino and Dayana Torres 
show off their 'sassy' sides! 

Damary Pinto isn't afraid to 
show off her wild side! 

Ashley Cordio flaunts her 
jazzed up jersey. 

Tyler Robar uses his best pick-up 
line on Hannah Goguen! 

Luis Delos Santos steals the spotlight from the 
football team. 

Olivia Carbone, Rachael Marrella, Kelsey Morales! 
and Katie Kaanta let Anthony Dellogono sneak ir| 
for a quick pic! 

Dylan DiGeronimo shows 
who's boss. 

Danielle Jacques pumps up 
the crowd! 

Eric Myles rocks his 

Lisa Torgesongets her game 
face on. 

at work. 

Mr. Roche gets a little stuck at the 

The kick off team gets hyped to make a big hit. 

The Red Raiders raise their helmets in pride and prepare for the big 
game ahead. 

Lady Raider cheerleaders trade in their 
uniforms for some lucky numbers! 

Captains Tyler Robar and Eric Myles go 
out for the most important coin toss of 
the season. 

Berny Platel does a little shake and 
bake on a Leominster defender. 


Left: The Red Raider defense tackles the Leominster opponent for 
loss of yards. 

Above: Eric Myles pile jumps to make the sure tackle. 

Quinton Perkins runs like the Connor Lemieux shows off his Eric Comeau listens closely to the 

wind to get a first down for skills as ne looks t0 P ass the ba " calls for tne next P la y- 

the Raiders! u P field - 

Mr. FHS Contestants: 

Dylan DiGeronimo, Andre Doolan, 
Anthony Dellogono, Tim Arno, 
Abiodun Akanni, Eric Comeau, EJ 
Sanchez, Jeremy Lisasuain, Victor 

Ramos, Kenny Ha, Joshua 
Jenness, Chris Howe, Eric Myles, 
Tyler Robar 

Kenny Ha 

Victor Ramos 

Chris Howe 

« <J T 

Lexi Dellogono and Rachael Marrella show 
off their sass, as Second Runner-Up Dylan 
DiGeronimo poses with class! 

.FHS 2012! 

Above: Eric Comeau, enjoys his hard earned victory, and his life-size 
tickets to the prom! 
Left: Anthony Dellogono meditates before his big performance. 
Right: EJ Sanchez sets out to catch a wave. 

Myra Salome and Jeremy Lisasiun wait 
anticipation for the results. 

Abi Akanni, 'nuff said! 


1 1 

Andre Doolan shows off his 
beach swag. 

Above Left: Sara Campbell and Victor Ramos 
cheese hard for the camera. 

Left: 'Dello' makes Cayla Crank wanna' say 

Above Right: Eric Myles and Hannah 
VonderHaff: hands down cutest couple of the 

Right: First Runner-Up Andre Doolan has the 
ladies droolin' ...especially Janessa Crowley! 

f f 

Eric Comeau wins over the judges 
and Prince Toni with his soulful 

Tim Arno knows how to get the 
crowd going. 

EJ Sanchez and his brother 
channel their inner Skrillex. 

Quin Cavaco, Tyler Robar, and Sebi Dalmaud Belmonte got 
that Super Bass. 

Josh Jenness shows how to propose with the right ring 

Kelsey Morales and Jose Cabrera 
pose in front of Mirror Lake. 

Hannah VonderHaff and Hann 
Capone are ready to start theii 
night, Hannah-style! 

Samantha Bonanno and Olivia 
Carbone give Charlie's Angels a 
run for their money. 

Pong Lorand Choua Yang are 
ready to take the night by storm 

Tyler Begnoche and Dom Traini are 
all dolled up in baby blue. 


Rachael Marrella breaks up the 'bro-mance' 
between Anthony Dellogono and Dylan 

Nik Saari and Tim Burke cheese it up 
the Vegas paparazzi. 

All the love-birds 
line up for a picture 
perfect moment. 

Quinton Perkins 
* rocks a snapback 
to match his vest. 
Can you say swag? 


Elvin Gonzalez, Meredith Patterson, Laura Fermin, Brianna 

Limbaugh, Nayeli Ortega, Erin Haaker, Anibal Dejesus 
Gonzalez, Cara Lombard, Nikolas Saari, Kenny Ha, and Tyler 
Begnoche post up for an English class photo. 

Stephanie Maymi and Jeremy Lisasvain put their 
heads together to finish their work. 

Karla Mendez, Ashley Garcia, and Andrew 
Rodriguez prove that three heads are better 
than one. 

Abiodun Akanni and Maria Valdez put 
on their big smiles for the camera. 

Yolima Robertson and 

Cassandra Brisson take a little 

break from surfing the web. Aali y ah Kidd ' Khadi j ah Butkiewicz ' and Alicia 

Membrino have no problem taking a break 

from their work to flash a smile. 

Jonathan Cintron and Mario 
Marinero get ready for an intense 
match in the field house. 

Kayla Tapply and Melissa Theang cant seem 
to get enough of Government. 

Choua Yang, Pong Lor, and John 
Inthompadith look happy as ever in Ms 
Mason's class. 

O'Neill Neris explains the basics of advanced math 
to Matthew Yang and Kevin Diaz. 

Markita Mendez and Bryan Suomala tak< 
a breather in gym class. 

After another outstanding lunch Courtney Vieira, 
ienjamin Easier, Jenny Chanthachack and Angelina 
Reda take a minute to catch up on the latest gossip. 

Karina Duenas, Cassandra Brisson, Yolima 
Robertson, Geneva Thomas and Andrew Rodriguez 
get a little silly at lunch. 

Maggie Escabosa, Keila Gray, Billy Ewing, and EJ 
Sanchez bundle up and enjoy the senior privilege 
of sitting outside. 

jjnny and Matt Yang make lunch look like 


Jr.. ' 

Saleem Kidd, Devante Codrington, Lionel 
Ngindi, and Nathaniel Boddie... the future 
faces ofGatorade? 

pmantha Rutkowski, Courtney Bouchard, 
1 Ingemi, and Kayla Tapply get silly during 

Above: Choua Yang, Trixi Lazarin, Luis Ramos, 
Gilberto Quinones Pellot, Derek Torres, Brianna 
Malave, and Joel Cruz catch a few rays before the 

Below: Roxanne Kurtz, Anibal DeJesus, Ayla Diaz, 
Andrew Cruz, Jose Echevarria, and Tyler McCourt 
enjoy the last of the warm weather. 

Lusia Pena, Cynthia Rubio, Acacia Thomas, 
and Paola Ramos take a bite out of lunch. 

Christine Heon, Devante Codrington, and 
Jaspi Echevarria stop for a quick photo. 

Markita Mendez and Nyasha Ducos 
look picture perfect. 

Editors Hannah VonderHaff, Ashley Cordio, and Katarina Salafia 
take a quick break from all their hard work. 

Co-Editors Daniel Gonzales, Keiko Gammel, and Josh Jenness 
take a seat for a picture before getting back to work. 

Yolima Robertson and Damary Pinto 

play dress-up in the halls. Caleb Neilon, Chelsea Mulcahy, and Tyler Robar take a 

minute to strategically plan out the next page. 

Josh Jenness and Jose Lara get caught stealing 
the Cheez-lt box.. .again. 

Karla Mendez and Dayana Torres 
munch on their daily snacks. 

The mischievous duo, Ricky Matta 
and Eric Myles, are obviously up to 
no good. 


Rebecca Rousseau and Hannah Scott gain 
inspiration from last years' yearbook. 


Lauren Smith shows her love for 
Jake Boulanger! 

Daniel Gonzalez shows Christine 
Heon how it's done. 

Jerome Dugas, with his 'sleek 
physique,' models the 201 2 senior 

Left: Dan Ingemi, 
Yolima Robertson, 
Devante Codrington 
and Christine Heon 
know how to push all 
Mrs. Cayer's buttons! 

Right: Nick Ernest and 
Cheryl Reyes hard at 
work at killing those 

Left: Justin Belli and 
Lianna Boulay take a 
break from class to get 
in touch with their inner 

Right: Showing off 
their pearly whites, 
Kelsey Morales and 
Toni Onikeku get 
the job done. 

rina Duenas, 
ison, Dayana 
orres, and 
low how to 
righten up 
eryones day 

"Dellos"and "Big 
Vin" have a nice 
conversation to 
start off their day. 

"Robes" and "Toni 0" get a little 
too close for comfort in Mrs. 
Cayer's class. 

Are RobertO' Kane and Emily St. 
Germain really as sweet and innocent 
as they look? 

irlos Garcia and Jose Lara express their 
e for each other after a hard day's work 

Damary Pinto and Haley MacNamara 
catch up on their beauty sleep! 

Nicholas Ernst works hard at Fitchburg's 

Devante Codrington knows how to make 
your taste buds tingle with his mouth- 
watering sandwiches. Subway, Eat Fresh! 

Tyler Begnoche will gladly pump your gas 
at Happy Car! 

Damary Pinto is working hard at 
Babineau Insurance. 

Karla Mendez is ready to make the 
perfect cup of 'joe' at Dippin' Donuts. 

Dayana Torres is waiting to check you 


Troy Davis, Ashley Cordio, and Dom Traini spend their 
mornings at the 50/50 Diner. 

Bria Pichette, Cara Lombard and Brittney Jones show how 
much fun K-Mart can really be! 

mantha Bonanno can make you a 
)erfect sundae at Country Pizza! 

Right: Victor 
Ramos chats his 
nights away at 

Metro PCS. 

Kalina Philalom, Abiodun Akanni and 
illiam Morales take a break from the 
work to goof around at the YMCA. 

Left: The Market Basket Crew: Tim 
Arno, Anthony Dellogono, Robert 
Peterson, Robert O'Kane, Matt 
Yang, Hannah VonderHaff, Alexis 
Dellogono, Danielle Jacques, Katie 
Harnden, Laura Fermin,and 
Hannah Capone. 

Right: The McDonalds Crew: 
Andrew Rodriguez, Mike Bragg, 
Aaliyah Kidd, Barbara Bourne, 
and Jose Echevarria Cruz. 

Left: Choua Yang 
serves up Pho' for 
a Taste of 

Sam Alansky, Hannah Capone, Savannah 
Alansky and Chelsea Mulcahy 

Eric Beaudette, Justin Belli and Nick Landry 

Damary Pinto and Karina Duenas 

Ashley Cordio and Dom Traini 

^^^^ «J 1^ >i 


Ashley Garcia and Kelsey Morales 

Christian Rodriguez and Caleb Rivera 

55 * 

Right: Rachael Marrella, 
Kelsey Morales, Olivia 
Carbone, Samantha Bonanno, 
Hannah VonderHaff and Lexi 

Left: Keishla Mendez, 

Wilneska Figueroa, Phung Le 
Jennifer Vicioso and Amari 

Bram Giannetti, Tim Arno and 
Cameron Tucker 

Daniel Gonzales and Christine Heon 

Rachel Hodges and Bryan Suomola 

Kalina Philalom, Brianna Malave, Luis Lauren Smith, Hannah Scott and Abby Josh Champagne, Sam Hanson, Bria 

Delos Santos and Laura Fermin Locher Pichette, and Andrew King 

Neither rain, sleet or snow can stop these 'showgirls', Ellen 
Puchlerz, Elizabeth Fitzgibbons, Danielle Zaleski, Sarah 
LeBlanc and Caitlin McCollom! 

The senior boys, Josh Champagne, Sam Hanson and 
Andrew King, play together at the Thanksgiving pep 
rally one last time. 

Bria Pichette, 
Sam Hanson and 

Andrew King 

cheer on the 
team at a Friday 

night football 

come together 
for a before- 
show ritual. 

- < .: 

Caitlin McCollcj I 
and Bria Pichetw 
enjoy a footbell 
game under trw 
lights atCrockW 

Andrew King 

Samuel Hanson 

Joshua Champagne 

Bryan Rios, 
Fernando Ante' 
Ruben Seyde 
and Mia Valad 
pause the bea 
and show so 

Bria Pichette 

What will you miss most about the 
marching band? 

"The B.E.A.S.T." 

What is your favorite instrument 
and why? 

love playing the baritone because 
the sound I produce with it can 
break faces." 

Who was most influential to 

"Mr. Anthony Montesion. Although you 
may never read this, you were a true role 
model to me." 

Who will you remember the 

'Emily Yost, Lucas Morley, and 
my awesome friends." 


Back Row: Josh Loureiro Nieves, 
Gillian Lambert, Sam Tompkins, 
Thomas Carvin, Evan Morley, Nadja 
Douai, Megan Gentilella, Instructor 
Tabitha Greenlees. 
3rd Row: Caylin Rymph, Dasia 
Aldarondo, Sarah LeBlanc, Cheyenne 
McGinnis, Megan Bell, Ruben Seyde, 
Selina Fitzpatrick 
2nd Row: Elizabeth Fitzgibbons, 

Christian Hernandez, Caitlin 
McCollom, Danielle Zaleski, Bryan 
Rios, Fernando Antelo 
Front Row: Nina Alley, Josh 
Champagne, Andrew King, Bria 

Pichette, Sam Hanson 
Not pictured: Ellen Puchlerz and 
Mia Valadez 

ndrew King gets in touch with Commander in Chief Nina Alley Bria Pichette attracts her fans Sam Hanson loves delivering a 

his 'saxy' side! salutes a job well done. with a great tune. memorable song for his groupies. 

Sarah LeBlanc, Sam Rutkowski help Sage 
Lucas push 'Grandma Burns' to dance. 

Sage Lucas, Sarah LeBlanc, Andrew King and 
Samantha Rutkowski bring an old school 
groove back and do the chicken dance. 

Angel Ramirez, Danielle Jacques, Xavier Baik- 
and Autumn Hawkins get back into charade 
after their quick break. 

Immanuel Asenjo and Jessdalis 
Cruz are ready to be wed! 

Nina Alley sweet talks Merrick Henry. 

Daniel Ingemi and Angelina DiReda 
share one last dance. 



Andrew King and Sarah LeBlanc enjoy a 
romatic anniversary dinner for two! 

Danielle Jacques and Merrick Henry fall 
completely and utterly in love while 
looking into each other's eyes. 

Daniel Ingemi, Angelina DiReda and Samantha 
Rutkowski are stumped when asked about love. 

Danielle Jacques expresses 
how she truly feels about men. 

Angel Ramirez and Rachael Webber 
exchange lines during science class. 

Brooke Jacobs, Elizabeth Fitzgibbons, Jacob Baird 
and Rachael Webber sit back and enjoy the show! 

ie National 
mor Society 
mds off the 
terns they 
)llected for 
ys for Tots. 

The Tribe 
together to 
make some 

Left: The Video Club gets 
together for a picture 
before the morning 
broadcast of Raider A.M. 

Right: The Theater 
group poses before one 
great performance. 


Members of the Art Club: 
ynnea Seggelin, Courtney Bouchard, 
and Chelsea LaClair 

Peer Leadership Club: Sophia Chaput, Victoria Mallada, Alaina 
Valcourt, Emily Dickey, Mrs. Roberts, Ruth Isaac, Xena Xiong, Kia 
Street, Nateisha Norton-Crowley 

Members of the Environmental Club: 
Dennis Zambrano, Meghan Boisvert 
and Marie Vante 

Freshmen Class Officers: 
vJick Kosmidis, Jazlyn Leger, Daphney Hilaire, 
licia Giannetti, Jacky Barry, Hallie Newcombe 

The Spectrum Club Members: 
Chris De La Cruz, Jacob Baird, Sophie 
Chaput, Rebecca Fish, Rebecca Morrissey 

Sophomore Class Officers: 
Rachel Lanni, Promisy Vasquez, Tatiana Rivera, 
Alazai Merill, Matti Phaneuf 

Junior Class Officers: 
Elizama Martinez, Melanie McNamara, Zac 
Cote, Bethany Bourgault, Xavier Bailey, Mike 

The Prom Committee: 
Kaylee Blackston, Meredith Patterson, Jenessa 
Crowley, Nicole Hagan, Bria Pichette, Jenny 
Duong, Rebecca Rousseau 

Senior Class Officers: 
Damary Pinto, Laura Fermin, Kenny Ha, 
Meredith Patterson, Nicole Adler, Alexis 

Ricardo Matta gets caught doing his 

Left: Anna Dos Santos, Luz Mercado, Luis Delos Santos and 
Yolima Robertson take a break and smile for the camera. 
Right: Japsimar Echevarria, Daniel Gonzalez, Yanisa Rojas 
and Osvaldo Davila strike a pose at the MWCC College Fair. 

Above: Eric Myles, Devante Codrington and Abiodun 

Akanni are cooling and fooling! 
Left: Luis Ramos, Derek Torres and Christian Rodriguez 

are getting their money's worth at the fair! 
Right: Tricia Leger and Maria Valdez take a break from all 
the action at the college fair. 

Ashley Kemembin can't seem to 
get enough of GEARUP. 

Deimary Roman, Paola Ramos, Kate Fillion, Anna DosSantos, Karina 
Duenas and Damary Pinto pose with their tour guide at Pine Manor 

* - -1 


Luis Delos Santos, Ricardo Matta, Yolima Robertson, Mr. Rojas, Anna 
Dos Santos, Luz Mercado, Ashley Kemembin and Savannah Alansky 
gather together in the GEARUP Office. 

Kalina Philalom and Cedric Robinson take a 
moment to share the love for the camera. 

Anthony Semidey helps Yanisa Rojas complete 
her FAFSA. 

Kate Fillion and Jose Cabrera show us 
how it's done in Gear Up. 

Left: Melissa Theang and Keila 
Gray get a head start with their 

Right: Ny'Asha Ducos is 
interviewed for Mount 
Wachusett Community College 

Below: Omar Del Los Santos, 
Academic Counselor, Victor Rojas, ^ 
Assistant Director, and Kate Fillion, Academic Counselor, are 
happy to help the seniors prepare for college. 


Carlos Garcia, Troy Davis, Vincent 

Scaficchia, and Abramo Giannetti visit 
Framingham State College. 

Casandra Brisson, Damary Pinto, Karina 

Duenas and Caleb Rivera enjoy the lunch 
atUMASS Lowell. 

Maggie Escobosa, Nateisha Norton-Crowley, 
Marleen Robels, and Choua Yang get recruited for 
National Guard. 

Luis Delos Santos, Ricardo Matta, Yolima Robertson, Anna 
Dos Santos, Luz Mercado, and Ashley Kemembin all enjoy 
their CO-OP with Mr. Rojas. 

Remember when Olivia Carbone and 
Sam Bonanno were in love with 
flower print shirts? 

Remember when Elizabeth Gauvin and Kaylee 
Blackston used to rock short blonde hair? 

Remember when Nicole Hagan and 
Bria Pichette took a break to enjoy 
some ice cream? 

Remember when Karla 
Mendez, Lanisha Smith, 
Dayana Torres, and Yanisa 

Remember when Kaitie 

Harndenand Dylan 
DiGeronimo loved to have 
pajama parties? 

Above Left: Remember when Korianne Pitard, Eddy Rodriguez, Lauren Smith, and 
Choua Yang loved to pose for the camera? 
Above Right: Remember when Markita Mendez and Alicia Membrino were 
partners in crime? 

Below: Remember when Dylan DiGeronimo, Cam Tucker, Bram Gianneti and Tim 
Arno sat at the 'cool kid' table at lunch? 

when Carlos 
Garcia got in 
touch with his 
Mexican side? 

when Tyler 

thought he 

was a 
thug?... Oh 
wait, he still 



Remember when Hannah Scott and Lisa 
Torgersen used to think they were guppies? 

Remember when Kelsey Morales and 
Samantha Bonanno did scorpions at 

member when Matt Yang, Choua Yang, and 
Angelica Yang rocked their white tees? 

Remember when 
Keiko Gammel 
and Emily St. 
Germain were as 
cute as buttons? 

Above: Remember When Vinnie Scaficchia and 
Tim Arno showed off their massive muscles? 
Below: Remember when Katarina Salafia and 
Nik Saari actually thought it was cute to be 
sweet and innocent? 

Remember when Hannah Goguen, Alexis 
Dellogono and Annie Bourgault loved to bling 
out their headbands? 

Remember When 
Laura Fermin and 

Damary Pinto 
were Santa's little 

Remember when Vinnie 
Scaficchia was a skater boy? 

Remember when Korianne Pitard 
would give Rachael Hodges a lift to 

Remember when Justin Belli 
was a Justin Beiber look alike? 

Remember when Jordan Leblanc and 
Sara Campbell used to get a little 

Left: Remember when 
Sebastian Delmonte, 

Andrew King and 
Matthew Nguyen were 
the coolest kids on the 

Right: Remember when 
Vinnie Scaficchia and 

Alexis Dellogono used to 
be the cutest couple? 

Remember when Lianna Boulay and 
Casandra Brisson used to party 

Remember when Tyler Binoche thought he 
was a 'gangster? 

Remember When Danielle Jacques, Victoria 
Bourque and Emily St. Germain were the cutest 
Brownies in Fitchburg? 


Remember when Ricardo Matta, 
Damary Pinto and Christian Rodrigues 
celebrated their 8th grade graduation 

Remember when Dayana Torres and Karla 
Mendez wore shoe laces as head bands? 

Remember when Lisa Torgenson and Hannah Scott 
got lost in the woods? 

;emember when Alicia Membrino and 
irla Mendez used to dress up as twins? 

Remember when Ashley Garcia and Anna 
Dos Santos looked sweet and innocent? 


7 w#/^Cfl 

member when Andrew King, Cheryl Reyes, Matthew Nguyen, Marleen 
tobies, Luis Delos Santos and Carlos Garcia were all in the same third 
grade class? 

emember when Bria Pichette and Ashley 
Cordio were always 'cheesin' for the 

?f t * * « 

„ tsg t~ m ** t* *- ,j „ 

A» iur- ™ untK unn» 

M f A j\ **- ?*:^T* . 

Remember when Matthew Nguyen, Eric Comeau, Cedric Robinson, 
Anthony Dellogono, Dylan DiGeronimo, Troy Davis, Josh Jenness, Tim 
Arno, Carlos Garcia, Zach St Jean, Jake Boulanger, Justin Rivers, Eric Myles, 
and Vinnie Scaficchia were all teammates? 

Remember when Jake Boulanger and Eric 
Myles used to show off their stylish hats? 

Remember when Jake Boulanger, Carlos Garcia, 

Mathew Nguyen, Justin Rivers, Troy Davis, 
Rachael Marrella and Ashley Cordio were a circle 
of friends? 


You have brains in your head 
You have feet in your shoes 
You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. 
We are very proud of you.... 
Love, Dad, Mum, and C.J. 

And Remember: Always be sure to speak for the trees. 

Nina Alley 


When it comes 
to your future, 
think First. 


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think First. 

Congratulations Class of 2012! 

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there is no path and leave a 

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Favorite Movies 
The Hangover 

500 Days of Summer 
The Godfather 
Napoleon Dynamite 

Best Thing About 2012 Top Sports to Watch 
Graduation Football 
College Hockey 
Beach Week Baseball 


Top Coffee Flavors 
French Vanilla 
Carmel Nut Crunch 
Chunky Monkey 

Worst Things About Underclassmen? 
Annoying and Immature 
Cause Hallway Traffic 
Loud and Obnoxious 


North Face 
Hey Tell 
Yoga Pants 
Useless Driving 

Favorite TV Shows 
Family Guy 
Doctor Who 
Being Human 
Always Sunny in Philadelphia 

Favorite Musicians 
Mumford & Sons 
Katy Perry 
Lil Wayne 
Taylor Swift 
Rick Ross 

Best Excuse for Being Late 
"I was stuck behind a bus." 
"I was talking to a teacher." 
"I needed gas to get here." 
"People walk too slow." 
"My car wouldn't start this morning." 


Gas: $3.59 
Movies: $7.50 
Munchies: $5.00 
Coffee: $2.15 

Raider AM Live 
The League 

Grey's Anatomy 
South Park 

Jersey Shore 

Best Things About FHS 
The Teachers 
Mr. Kimber 
Yearbook Class 
The Thought of Finally 

Favorite Games 
Black Ops: Zombies 

Scramble With Friends 
New Super Mario Bros. 

Temple Run 
Words With Friends 

Best Place to Hang-Out at School 
The Balcony 

Gear Up 
Ms. Strus 
The Cafe 
The Library 

Most Stressed About Senior Year 
College Applications 
Scholarship Applications 
A.P. English 

In 10 Years the Class of 2012 Will be. 
Still in Fitchburg 

Living at Home 


South Pole 


Baby Phat 
Friday Night Movies 

Roca Wear 
Bell Bottom Jeans 

Favorite Restaurants 
50/50 Diner 
Olive Garden 

Easiest Rules to Break Fitchburg Jade 
Texting TKO 
iPods Buffalo Wild Wings 

Bringing in Coffee T.G.I. Friday's 
Skipping Class 
Being Late